Wednesday, May 15


street tacos!
what's the difference between street ones and house ones?
i mean, i eat every taco in my house.
but, the answer, sort of, is that the tortillas are a baby bit smaller,
so you can fit one more down the hatch.
or, maybe even two more.
i know that's not exactly true.
but the sack of soft flour flaps i got said street taco size.
so, that's the report as it stands.
check 'em:

red lentils, jasmine rice, red onion, black rice, red chili,
yellow sweet baby pepper, cilantro and scallions....
what?! F* yes. i made taco crOmbles out of beans and rice, bro.
f'real though-
in a 1 quart pot, with a pat of butter,
saute 2 T red onion, and add:
1/4 cup jasmine rice;
1/4 cup red lentils;
2 T black rice;
1/4 tsp ea GPOP;
pink salt, black pepper....
simmer it for 15 minutes,
then add:
1 T minced scallion greens;
2 T chopped cilantro bits;
2 tsp finely chopped red chili;
2 tsp yellow sweet baby bell pepper.
how expert is it?
well, it's muh-fuhh'n purple, for starters.
that's pretty damned expert.
uh huh.
plus refrieds, always, with the nootch and the onions and the butter.
i mean, rules is rules.
you need the beans, neighbors.
they make the hottness happen.
and radicchio, and cilantro, and that superfly escabeche, man.
quick pickled mixed vegetables are always invited.
i mean, radish and onion and garlic and carrots simmered
in salty apple cider vinegar with a splash of agave.
ALLLL the good things,
and some texas-style ho'sauce too.
and cilantro, red onion and lime kissed tomatoes?
that's how you do good things for taco tuesday.
i mean, they got salt and pepper on 'em, too.
and they're SO freakin' good.

that's burly super-fresh hot fire for your face!
yeah, i had SIX of them.
i don't feel sorry about that.
not one little teeny tiny little baby bit.
too much is the right amount.
shoutouts to eating a lot of tacos.
in fact, if you're eating a responsible number of tacos?
i think you're weak, and i respect you a little less.
don't be sad, be better, and eat more tacos.
that's it.
typing about things.
pushing up.
walking the dog.
tattin' and too'ing.
making dinner.
curling up in a very small ball.
that's today's schedule.
it isn't very glamorous, i'll admit,
but that's what you get on another 'nother grey and frosty wednesday
in the semi-awakened woodsly goodness.
it's cold and busted and nobody is out or about,
so we're working with limited resources to make somethin' out of.
that's fine.
i could've maybe used some brighter spots to seek out,
but at the same time, maybe the dark days are just incubating some extra-large
personal growth opportunities?
i think that's a thing.
i mean, that's how it is with seeds, right?
ok, then.
i guess i'm just a nut (which is just a better seed, really),
and i'll sprout when the weather turns.
then we'll see what comes next;
never quiet, never soft.....

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