Thursday, May 9


y'ever breathe in another person?
i'll tell you somethin'-
breezy and that little baby smell like goodness.
i mean, they smell good, yeah.
but they smell like goodness.
my head gets dizzy when i breathe in deeply all snugged up in their necks.
y'all sniff necks?
you should start.
i think it's called nuzzling? i dunno.
but my whole body just wants to spend all day every day going broke laying around
just snugged up with those short ladies.
we're exchanging electrons and radical atomic interlacing loveliness in proximity.
lilli knows i don't have that milk,
and she is NOT impressed by my presence sans nutrients.
however, mama knows i'mma get her some of that icy frozen coffee magic,
so she's slightly more receptive to my deep breathin' soul-absorber love huffing.
speaking of lilli-
look at her face:

and do you remember two weeks ago?

her whole little beautiful head has got little beautiful features that're really shapin' up.
damn she's a cutie.
just like her mama.
and then there's three MORE kids, running around wild in these streets.
and also, being verrrrry sweet.
and also also, they've got a lot to say.
when there are three runnin'-arounders doing exactly that,
that little bitty baby sit-stiller seems SO much calmer.
i mean,
even when she's squeakin' and kickin', she is still relatively stationary.
there are never enough snugs.
there are never enough hugs.
there's always a lotta laughs.
there's nothing but love.
we all interface with the elements, and each other, and it's definitely good;
never quiet, never soft.....

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