Tuesday, April 30


rainy? maybe.
cold? usually.
this april was wild as hell.
and now there's this little itty bitty lilli baby out here.
and there's all these other other kids getting SO psyched about everything.
...that's no joke.
these kids are all good.
and there are a LOT of 'em.
i'll tell you somethin'-
seeing breezy surrounded by her masterpieces?
she looks so good.
i know i have a biased opinion, of course, but for real, though.
it's beauty like i can't even explain.
hmmm? yeah, i have a few strong feelings.
those're the only kind of feelings i'm interested in.
and spanning time with these good little girls and boy?
it makes me nostalgic for those olden days when harvest and maple were teeny.
like i said-
i have ALLL the feelings.
and just look at what's happening here:

that's pure love.
does she look unimpressed?
that's my move, man.
if you're a girl and you think i'm cool, i know you're not to be trusted.
i'm grateful for april,
i'm ecstatic for may,
it's ALL really happening,
and it might be more than my heart can handle;
never quiet, never soft.....

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