Thursday, May 30

dump'em out.

i'm keeping it expert,
even when i'm at my worst.
that may really be me at my best.
i think that's a real thing.
i've got creative destruction locked away inside my head,
destructive creativity inside my heart,
and on top of all of that,
my hands have teeth, neighbors-
great big sharp savage battle-beastly fangs.
every finger is a tusk,
my thumbs are incisors,
and my massive palms are masticating, mashing matching wisdom jauns.
y'know what i do with all those big dumb parts?
i doo-doo that freaky sh!t.
like 'never-the-same-way-twice' dumpling filling!
check the dinner-for-one as-usual-type teleport:
that's what the F* i'm talking about, neighbors.
i activated eighteen dumplings down my thin-lipped horse-toothed maw.
in record time.
two bites per dump,
with that greasy goodness dripped down inside each one.
tofu, scrambled and dried out,
rehydrated with custom warrior poet soy and sesame sun tzu sauce,
and added to shredded brussels sprouts, minced kohlrabi, diced carrots,
and two kinds of onions.
yeah, kids, totally amazing.
it's time to get back to work.
my weekend weakened my woodsly goodfellowship,
and wreaked ruin on my warrior poetry.
nature wins,
and wind makes losers out of almost all of us.
today is the day.
one more time, with feeling;
never quiet, never soft.....

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