Wednesday, May 29

one nice day.

it's totally sh!tty outside.....again.
we had one teeny tiny window of wonderful weather,
and i'd love to tell you all about how i maximized my potential.
it all started with my new bowlful of sedges and cactuses.
check the serene stylings of my summery new succulent selection:
nice, right?
and when the little guys all grow up and fill in,
it'll be an even denser desert of dopeness for our faces.
plants are good for you.
life inside the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is thriving.
i got expert on some mushroom gyros.
check the teleport:
oyster mushrooms, criminis, and shiitakes, too.
slow roasted over low heat to get extra steaky.
which was extra-rad on my tastebuds, b!tches.
those are broccolini bits with lemon and garlic,
and some onions, and tempeh bacon bricks, too.
i wanted a deluxe folded freshness,
with all the sweet eats inside it.
i'm absolutely like that, y'heard?
there's one last element that helps a maximized day go to eleven.
you ninjas know what it is don'tcha?
check the teleport:
now it's rotten weather all over again.
oh, ma nature, you tricksy lady;
and o! new england, you fickle F*er;
and oh-o, new hampshire, you mountainous mess of clouds and wind.
there are things to do,
and there are things not to do.
today was made for figuring out which is which;
never quiet, never soft.....

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