Wednesday, May 22

sweetened up.

how else would i celebrate a positive dental outlook?
oh, right.
let's try that again.
immediately after i got my teeth cleaned,
i worked overtime to counteract any positive effects of that
ultrasonic enamel preservation-type jauns.
that's real.
you ninjas know what i'm reppin'?
i'm reppin' chocolate and peanuts, hard as F*!!
real talk.
check the cavity-creepin' tooth decay teleport:
holy flippin' sweetness.
i crushed some roasted peanuts and added 'em to chocolate snap cookies
to make a crude-oil-density intense black pie crust.
sure, i baked it up with brown sugar and butterish.
but that's what you have to DO, neighbors.
i went ahead and heated up a bag of chocolate chips;
and added in a jar of peanuttybutter;
and hit it off with dash of vanilla;
and a splash of soymilk;
and powdered sugar;
and cocoa powder,
and once all of that reached a harmony of homogeneity?
of course!
i poured every blarpity blop of that barbaric battle batter
smoothly and creamily down onto that circle of darkness.
and then, to freak it off,
i put semi-pureed peanut goobery goobieblops on top,
and mini itty-bitty baby chocolate chips,
and chocolate mouse-poop-style sprankles.
that's all kinds of expert, y'all.
i doo-doo that two-great-tastes-working-together-type sh!t.
i mean,
synergy was practically invented by chocolate peanut butter.
i'm just keeping a grand tradition alive and well, folks.
i've found a focus for my frustrations.
i take all this angry disappointment,
and funnel all that concentrated energy into making things
just to put in my face.
and into making those things beautiful.
the thing is, kids,
i'm not any less frustrated,
just better fed.
i'm eating alone, and i'm eating a lot.
pretty soon, i'll probably be fat, too.
it isn't easy being an obsessive over-the-top active participant.
that's the truth.
but, i'm super-involved in getting all those nutrients into my body.
so, there's that.
emptying my wallet to fill my refrigerator.
emptying my refrigerator to fill my bellyhole.
and empty on the inside for all of that,
in an empty house the whole damn time.
hard styles are the ones i rock.
it's all happening, still;
never quiet, never soft.....

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