Sunday, May 12

you muthas!

it's mother's day.
i sure hope you made that call,
especially if you forgot to mail a card.
just sayin'.
don't be a jerk.
i called my mother, for sure.
i mean,
how could i not?
think about it, neighbors-
without her,
there wouldn't be any of THIS happening:
stay ugly, stay dope,
stay away from that fire-eating smoke-breathing busted mess.
dear ma,
thanks for making sure the world had it's very own doo-doo buttery druid
to talk sh!t and write sh!t and make sh!t and generally be sh!tty.
after all,
what would we all do with less of all that sh!t?
on the realsies, though, y'all-
i'm grateful to have a lady like my mom to talk to.
it's not every day that a sicilian strega makes it possible for warrior poetry
to be produced in such volume and quantity.
i couldn't have done it without her.
that's biology, that's science, that's a fact, that's a thing.
i'll bet she's super psyched that her offspring all became experts.
that's probably exactly what she's thinking;
never quiet, never soft.....

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