Wednesday, May 8


yellow squash is an A*-hole.
i'm serious.
i don't know what it is about those thin-skinned mush tubes,
but they really bum me out.
it's like biting a wet banana made out of bland.
awwwww. ...gross.
'grilled' is it's own flavor, and can fix almost anything.
when i've got charcoal glowing,
and the woodsly goodsmoke is rising from the outdoor firebox?
yeah, sure, throw a squash or two right on that cast iron grill-top.
i mean, why the F* not, y'know?
it'll mostly just taste like wet burnt, once the searing and the charring
have their way with those floppy flaps of cowardly summer sponginess.
they're not my favorites at all, neighbors,
but i can deal with it.
some people like that sort of thing, after all....
maybe i'm growing as a person, and developing an ability to cope with
the minor inconveniences and small disappointments of everyday life.
then again,
i could've just skipped them and been happier.
but that's not the wrench, kids.
you should really know better by now.
i haven't had a cookout in almost two years!
dang, that's for realsies.
that's antithetical to a hot fire disciple of berserker barbarism.
i activated the remedy yesterday, and it was dooooooooooooope.
check the plateful of fat-kid flavor-type teleport:
flame-top makeshift-aluminum bag-steamed broccolini,
pineapple discs,
slappy crap-steaks of squash,
onions and peppers,
flame-kissed italian bread,
and corn.
i guess i'm just psyched to survive in style.
i mean,
we've all gotta eat,
but i wanna take that to eleven,
all the mutha-flippin' time, y'heard?
rapsberry-lime rickeys, with mint?
by the pitcherful, folks!!
frozen raspberries ARE the ice cubes.
(and i added a couple genuine cubes too, to make it extra cold)
bruised mint tossed with key lime slices, in sugared lime juice?
and then stirred with magenta fruit and squeezed oranges?
the club soda just makes it an effervescent miracle on my tongue!
on the ones, y'all-
i just want everything to be rad, all the time,
and i'm doo-dooing what i can to make it happen.
i want to eat the whole world.
that's a thing.
all teeth and lips and biting and tearing.
i want to burn clean,
sh!tting out whatever's left-
...and i want there to be nothing left;
never quiet, never soft.....

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