Monday, May 27


it's memorial day.
and this whole town is packed full of F*-tards.
i always forget that that's what happens.
...ummmm, yeah.
i've got spirits and memories floating around me like a swarm of killer bees.
i've got sharp pangs and dull aches and reopened old wounds and all that.
i've also got incredible well-crafted heroic vegan sandwiches is my bellyhole.
that's a thing.
i'm upping my between-bread food game to eleven these days.
no jokes.
check the elitist lowbrow mealtime teleport:
i fried up some homemade tempeh bacon,
and i stacked fiddlehead ferns,
fried kohlrabi greens,
kohlrabi slaw,
and cucumbers inside of some rustic toasted italian bread.
(those are spicy thai crisps on the sides, kids)
what do you ninjas know about kohlrabi?
above-ground beet-shapes with alien leaf halo activation,
and it tastes a lot like broccoli stems.
which is the long version was of saying that it's amazing.
i may eat alone, and i may hate doing that,
but i eat damn well despite that.
and fiddleheads?
so dope.
concentric circles are the epitome of unfolding secret universal planning.
check the new-growth spiralized teleport:
y'know what that is?
and that's just the base layer of my diversified flavor and texture situation.
memorial day means family togetherness, i think.
unless your family isn't around,
and you're working all day.
awwwww, man.
i think we can come up with something special for the after-hours times
when tattbombing and time-spanning stop overlapping.
in fact,
i've already started-
check the german potato salad-type teleport, kids:
red, white, and blue? sorta.
i get activated all by my lonesome.
what do you mincey 'mos know about fire-roasted jauns?
well, let me fill in the gaps-
fire roasted tomatoes,
plus flame-grilled tomatillos,
and blackened -up burnt-skin poblano peppers equals the hottness.
true story:
i'm thinking of things to heap that sauce on top of,
and it's bound to happen before day's end.
i doo-doo that food-as-surrogate-to-fulfillment type sh!t.
today is the day.
i mean, sure, it always is;
but that's especially so today.
i'm taking time to remember.
there are a lot of lost things that slip through the nets of recollection.
i'm tightening up the blank spaces,
and narrowing the focus of my wolf-blinded lunatic brain,
and trying to keep the memory of everything intact.
it's all looking a lot like dirty dogs in warm baths.
yeah, it stinks,
but it's also got a grimy haze sloughing away from the real thing.
a lot of superfluous grit and garbage clings to what we watch.
i'm trying to wash it away and see What Is through the cloud of crap.
like i just said,
today is the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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