Sunday, May 12

the sun will not come out.

it's still raining, and i love it.
there's fog filling in the in-between downpours,
and beads of water on every unsheltered surface.
it's wet, y'all.
really wet.
and despite the dreariness,
i'm pretty happy about all this moisture.
my garden is growing,
the leaves are green,
the flowers are blossoming;
and even without the sunshine to beam up those solar nutrients,
and saturate my skin with vitamins an' that, it's proper spring weather.
and spring is good for you.
y'know what else is good for you?
that's real neighbors.
my first foray into the packed pouch mealtime scene without my co-pilot
to help me navigate the choppy waters of filling and dough.
the cucch was conspicuously absent,
but teddy, carlos, thatcher, and austin,
a.k.a. the activation society,
all showed up for a manly asian mini-diaperload s'chuan-bomb hangout session.
check the finished product-type teleport:
delicious, to eleven.
the dudes even helped pack 'em full, and fold 'em up.
participation was the main ingredient.
we freaked off the internal treats this time a bit, too-
seitan, shallots, scallions, seseame seeds, celery, carrots, cabbage, onions,
ginger, garlic, dried mustard, chipotle hot sauce, and baby kale.
that's a lot of treats,
and believe me,
you could taste the magic being conjured in every bite.
flavor grenades, b!tches.
we made 'em.
we ate 'em.
it happened.
the new growth on the trees has hidden the mountains,
but they're still there, behind all that.
the grey clouds have blotted out the bright yellow sun,
but it's still there, above all that.
this old and busted F*ing face of mine has hidden all the hottness,
but i'm pretty sure i've got some, inside all that.
staying ugly, staying dope,
and remembering that hidden secrets are valuable treasures.
you can't see air, but you breathe it, ninjas;
never quiet, never soft.....

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