Tuesday, May 14


you need this:
i promise you, neighbors-
if you're feeling good,
this is exactly what will correct that error;
and if you're feeling bad,
this has got what you need to take that plunge into the
deepest and darkest depths of despair.
i promise y'all, it sounds just like it looks.
what's that?
oh, yes.
of course it's on vinyl.
i'm one-upping the ante on infinite nature's absolute critical mass.
the blackest holes, yo-
complete with scratchy skips, pops, and needle-marks.
i take taking it to eleven to eleven!
that's where we're at today.
thinking of lost things,
and trying to keep the memory of them safe from the hard hearts
and harder hands of here and now.
do what you need to do,
but make sure to include this as part of the soundtrack.
you're welcome?
never quiet, never soft.....

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