Wednesday, May 1


it's MAY DAY.
and that's dope.
you know-
beltaine, the big action hard-style pounding party?
like i just said- dope.
so never mind the s.o.s. sh!t, neighbors,
stay away from calling out distress an' that,
the only very emergency situation over here?
first responding to how expert we're gonna get.
i made some treats.
i mean,
of course i did.
you don't think i'm rolling into may like a little b!tchbag do you?
no way, my ninjas.
check the creme pie teleport:
toasted coconut on top, in the middle, in the crust, everywhere.
it's chocolate mousse inside, and vanilla-snap-cookies underneath.
i doo-doo that dark brown baller-A* doodie-twankle jauns, y'all.
and i do it exceptionally well.
i had to alter my creative process a little bitty bit,
since some of my food processor-style equipment isn't here,
and hasn't yet been replaced.
it's cool, kids.
i adapt to hostilities and transform them into festivities.
i'm kind of like that.
i used less-than-ideal-tools,
and made supremely elite vegan hottness for my refrigerator.
worst cases are where im at my best, brothers.
and you can't bring me down on MAY DAY!
but only because i'm already headed there,
in a funneling flume into a swirling drain at the bottom
of a big ol' bowl of sh!t-salad.
that may be true,
but then again,
it may not.
i've got my eyes open and my head up,
and my mouth full of pie,
so i'm not exactly sweating it either way, y'heard?
MAY DAY is for worthy warrior poets to celebrate being alive.
no matter with whom, or even where,
a better fate than death, weak sauce, or diaperbabyism awaits us anyplace.
believe it.
and then, friends, i got even busier.
and i made an expert cheesecake from the future, mutha-F*ers!
check the sexy brown-and-beige-and-tan teleport:
snickers-type jauns, yo.
wordimus prime.
crushed roasted peanuts and mini-bitty-baby chocolate chips,
over newly invented freestyle vegan caramel, (for serious)
over double thick fluffy un-cheeseyish cake,
on top of a perfectly crumbly crust.
do you need to get fresh on some heroic kitchen inventiveness?
i GOT they.
we're happy to be living a really-real worthy Folk Life.
active participation in all things.
that's all that really matters.
that's all that really happens.
that's sort of the whole point.
today is the day.
i'm repping my homegirl flora, goddess of flowers,
and putting bright blossoms in my hair.
or what's left of it, at any rate.
i've got the day off,
i've got ideas for even more treats,
and i've got the whole of the woodsly goodness to explore and enjoy.
i am grateful for the time i have been given.
and i'll play to my weaknesses, today,
because i think they may be the same as my greatest strengths.
it's a greatest hits and misses kind of a thing,
and it's poppin' off as i write.
never quiet, never soft...---...

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