Friday, May 10


it's raining.
and that's pretty good news.
the drips and drops and pittering patters are making a steady drumbeat
on the tin rooftops of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
and honestly,
the sound is seriously soothing.
a hypnotic heartbeart, arrythmic as it is, thrubbing along,
like the whole house is actually alive.
and i'm living within it, like jonah, y'know?
a cedar-shake shingled leviathan enveloping me
in it's expansive (and dry) double-paned see-through belly.
on the ones-
sitting in my hammock, listening, under a blanket, reading pages upon pages
and drinking cup after cup of hot tea?
it's kind of my new favorite thing.
and it's a helluva lot less lonely to live in an empty space when the net
i've nestled myself in is swaying gently like i'm being held inside cradling arms.
the rain is making all kinds of sh!t grow, neighbors.
and that's pretty good news, too.
check the blue tiny pretty little wildflowers teleport:
what are they?
i dunno.
but i like 'em, that's for sure.
there are carpets of them amongst the moss on the lee side of the house.
fresh little jauns from nature are what's up.
and they seem to like those variegated hostas quite a bit too.
flowers making friends?
and check the uncoiling prehistoric-looking-sh!t-type teleport:
weird ferns.
i GOT they.
these little-stalked broadleaf jammers are really cool looking,
and they spread out quickly, happily covering lots of territory
with their red bottoms and their black-dotted fronds.
the grounds around the Fortress are flush with color and life these days.
the saturated soil and continuing rainfall are nourishing all my special
little chlorophyll-filled friends.
check the bullet-tipped super-hosta babies burgeoning from the shady soil:
in a month, this place will be exploding with flowers.
time flies by,
and life keeps expanding, upwards and outwards.
that's what you can always rely on, kids-
nature wins.
the problem with reading more than one book at a time?
playing favorites.
for those of you who attended higher educational facilities,
and actually did the work assigned,
multiple reading projects are nothing new,
if not something pursued in a post-graduate capacity.
worthy wisdom-wrought wordsmithing is a full-time, continuous,
never-ever-ending pursuit of more knowledge, better stories,
hidden information, understanding, and more of all that sort of thing.
sooo, no,
i don't HAVE to read three books at once.
i mean,
i'm a mutha-flippin' adult, and i can do whatever i feel like
with a minimum of accountability or answerability to anyone but my own self-
but even considering that,
i'm not just an adult, y'know?
i'm also a savage raging stormswept tsunami of warrior poetry,
overdoing everything, and ingesting more and more and more of all of it
and as it all really happens, all the way over the top at all times.
some stories are better than others,
and even though i'll see each and every leaflet, novel, tome, pamphlet, periodical,
anthology, manuscript, scroll of whatever to it's bitter F*ing end,
some of them go down a whole lot smoother than others.
which means that the good ones get eaten quicker than the boring ones.
my breakfast book is better than my bedroom book,
but my hammock book is even more expert by far.
i'm devouring chapters like chips,
and flitting from cover to cover like a bedhopping bookworm.
this is what happens when i'm left alone.
i retreat into volumes in silence.
oh, c'mon;
never quiet, never soft.....

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