Thursday, May 2


april was cold and arid.
that's so dumb.
i mean,
there were supposed to be plenty of showers, y'know?
they make up rhymes about that sort of thing.
just sayin'.
even it the absence of environmental downpours,
and a relative humidity comparable to a mummy's butthole,
i have a watering can and a will to recreate nature's winning ways.
i dripped and i drizzled and i doused this whole place
with the necessary wetness for all my homestead houseplants.
i think it's working, too, neighbors.
mayflowers, without buckle-shoed suckas ruining it?
check the seasonal activation teleport:
i like it when life looks good for a minute.
word up.
may is when it really gets poppin', y'all.
the leaves are unfolding like inverted origami,
and the bees and birds are out in force,
doing the sorts of things that make more of themselves.
real life is all really happening,
inside and outside and everywhere else.
and wouldn't you know it?
it's back to the grind again, guys.
that's what thursdays signify.
the jump-off for five consecutive sh!tty days of doo-doo buttery doings.
i guess me and my hammock are gonna miss each other this afternoon.
i mean,
what's more relaxing than hanging around on a suspended net,
reading epic rollicking nerd fantasy books,
in the superheated supersized sunroom of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress?
maybe sitting in the hammock with a real-life lady and snuggling harder than ever?
awwwwwwwwwww, man.
that IS better.
and it would be so much better to share the experience of lounging
in the luxury of a super-sexy solarium getting that vitamin D assimilation-
but based on availability and likelihood,
 novels and music and sunbeams
are far better in that that sort of sappy sad solo sh!t is actually happening.
i'll take it, kids.
i've got ingredients for a worth-a-damn way of life,
and i'm combining them all in one big old house.
whatever's missing will be replaced with a comparable vegan version.
what's the equivalent of an involved partner?
applesauce and tapioca and soybeans?
some things just aren't as good in the substitute form;
never quiet, never soft.....

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