Friday, May 17


i pulled out some stops an' sh!t to keep myself well-fed
and fully activated, and purely occupied for the evening.
that's real.
check the ridiculous meal-for-one-teleport:
what. the. F*?!
i guess nobody told y'all-
overdoo-dooing it is how thursdays take it to eleven.
that's a big ol' plateful of salty polenta;
(i boiled all the grits myself, first)
and there's blanched arugala on top of that,
because bitterness is my friend, after all...
are those roasted red peppers stripped across the greenery?
of course they are, neighbor.
i happen to like slimy tongues of nightshade.
sauteed mushrooms and caramelized shallots, too,
just to keep the soft textures all in mutha-flippin' full effect.
and i put candied pecan bits on top too,
just to hit that sweet sweet crunch all up on the tippy-topmost part.
is that grilled fennel?
celery-licorice knows what's up, ninjas.
how about that colorful chutney jauns?
three peppers, and onions and  tomatillos, and all the garlic!
so spicy, for my face!
and that's tiny cucmbers cut on the bias, with fresh dill,
and sungold baby tomatoes, tossed with white balsamis vinaigrette.
fresh fennel sprigs as garnish?
i'm not actually an A*-hole in really real life, y'heard?
why do i go to such lengths to impress myself?
why do i overreactivate all of it all the time?
why didn't i just have a sandwich?
because too much IS the right amount.
and because if i'm interested in being anything,
it's in being completely
that's the only description i give a sh!t about.
i mentioned yesterday how it's brutally, morbidly unfulfilling
to cook a gourmet explosion like that and then eat it alone.....
guess what, kids?
i was totally right!
it gave me all the mutha-b!tching nutrients, though.
that's real.
how's it lookin?
it's looking a whole lot like the idea of going to
north dakota for a wintertime vacation feels.
i've got work to do, though.
i'm a working person,
i put in work,
i work with purpose;
never quiet, never soft.....

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