Tuesday, May 21

kiss me, i'm iris?

nature wins, y'all.
i mean it.
i've got flowers powering up through all kinds of leafy sh!t.
blossoms and blooms and rapidly naturalizing roots an' that.
i'm excited to see the vigor these green ninjas are displaying,
and even more excited to see their pretty little heads explode with color.
check the teleport:
low-lying groundcoverage with style.
our little buddy ajuga reptans splashes itself across wide tracts of soil
with a crinkly purple leafed
but for a little minute every year,
a bushy blue blast makes the whole thing eleven times as lovely.
and those little guys are just the beginning!
the whole yard is swarmed with bees and birds and buds
and all kinds of lively living things.
early dwarven versions of my favorite flower are going off right now.
re-check the teleport:
mini iris activation!
oh, what?
there are other other kinds too.
don't be dumb:
an ocean of white waving flag irises.
so good.
there's more sh!t in full swing over here too,
but i'm not taking pictures of all of it all at once.
at least,
not while it's raining as hard as it is.
it's all really happening,
and ma nature is showing off, for sure,
but the documentation of really real life is pretty soggy at the moment.
hard styles and heavy clouds and wet wormy woodsly goodness.
it's pretty flippin' perfect.
i don't have a lawn mower!
and it's thunderously lightning-storm pouring over here.
that's a reverse order unfortunate sequence of property devaluation.
real talk.
after a healthy watering,
my green blades are all gonna reach for the sky in record numbers.
that means i'll have one of those poor-person ratty lawns for a little minute!
come over, kids,
and eat some treats, and clean up these gardens.
i'm just sayin',
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress needs some landscapers, right now.
where you rakey-A* mo-tards at?
greenery is the scenery here.
the mountains have been hidden away by the broad maple blankets,
and the obscuring oak branches.
it's perfect.
metal roofed blast beats from this hard rain,
and soft light through the clouds and fronds and that?
indeed, duders;
never quiet, never soft.....

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