Wednesday, May 8

nice box.

my friends really take good care of me.
i got a box of treats and it had love on and in it!
that's real.
check the teleport:
kelly hooked it up with elite goodies for my face!
cookies are a man's best hope for activation, sometimes:
this is one of those times.
coconut, cranberries, almonds, and cinnamon?
c'mon, neighbors.
they're like magic granola drops from the hearth and heart of my homegirls.
i'm pretty lucky, y'know?
my days are chock full of expert individuals who really give a sh!t.
and i totally sh!t it right back.
pooping back and forth is how we show our affection.
that's what's up.
i span a lot of time in public places holding private conversations.
it's true.
me and my peoples mostly meet in areas where there are witnesses,
and we conduct our confidences under the interested eyes and respectful distances
of whomever and wherever we happen to be activated in the general vicinity of.
what i mean is-
when i'm home, i'm home alone.
like a spy meet-up, or a movie ransom trade,
it's always wherever there's less likelihood of double-crossing.
i'm serious.
i'm pretty sure i can be trusted not to do anything unseemly,
but it seems that nobody is taking any chances.
i'm surrounded by important people,
but i sleep next to empty spaces.
today is the day.
tarts and plants and stumps and sunshine.
that's the way it is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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