Sunday, May 26

obscured and absconded.

this message brought to you by werewolfen berserker sh!t.
the sky has been covered by clouds for a week straight,
but the moonbeams made their way through 'em.
puncturing the thick veil of rain and mist.
traveling straight through the darkest and deepest nighttime downpour.
and why?
to activate some shapeshiftiness and transformative battle-bestial barbarian jauns.
F*ing right, neighbors.
just because the blued-out cold silver circle was hidden
didn't mean the effects weren't felt.
full moon fever is in full force,
and the jittery nerves and maniacal motormouth mayhem that follow
are suitably symptomatic of a stormswept savage shivery evening.
and it's cold.
i mean it.
like, dumb cold.
some folks might say it's good sleeping weather.
as if sleep was on the to-do ;list of events likely to happen during a
flash-freezing deluge of direwolf warg-type sh!t.
be somewhat realistic.
if lunar radiation and magnetism of a secret universal lupine variety are real,
then sleep is clearly not possible under the sway
of that sort of lycanthropic lullaby.
it's more like hypnotic triggerhappiness.
all i know is-
it's these kinds of days that take the flipping-out part of animalic instinctual
pheromonal predatory primitive nature -type business to eleven.
that's no jokes.
loud, fresh. and hard.
the beast and the battle are hand in paw, tooth and claw,
and i assure you,
it's all really happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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