Sunday, November 19


i'm makin' it without bakin' it,
and definitely without bacon in it.
you'd better believe it, neighbors.
no-bakes are good.
and there's certainly more than one way to no-bake up a batch of cookies and sh!t.
i should know, because i doo-doo that cookie cookery,
and i do it loud, fresh, hard, and in quantity.
that's the stuff. 
in fact,
i had myself TWO kinds of peanutty buttery barbarian big action activators recently,
and i have a feelin' there's probably even MORE where that came from.
here's the thing-
after the success of my white chocolate jauns,
i felt it a necessity to immediately set about making some dark chocolate realness,
with that crowd-favorite, graham-style crackery crOmbles, as the base. dope is that?!
no need to respond, because i'm going to show you exxxactly how dope.
heck yeah!
check the teleport:
the crumbs as the bottom was a good move.
but the choco-nut on top is a great move.
the white chox drizz' is a dirty dirty touch, but it's necessary,
and furthermore, since rules is rules every damned day,
the chopped peanut sprankles made it expert AF.
was it complicated?     far from it!
was it time consuming?     not even slightly!
was it messy?     it shouldn't be, if you're not an A*-hole!
i can't get enough of that chocolaty peanut buttery flavor,
and i'm all about it in light and dark sides of the force.
word up.
i think that i'm lucky as heckfire to have the well-stocked, stacked and packed pantry
that allows me the luxury of making layers and layers of double treats and eats.
that's truly good fortune.
...that i can always indulge in the fancy-pantsed complicated creation 
of pretty much whatever the F* i want?
i am truly grateful. 
on the ones, 
it isn't everyone, everyday, that produces something new from scratch
just because the spirit and memory of Folk Life & Liberty possesses them.... i know i'm lucky to have caught the muse of makery magic.
and what's more,
i'm gonna give you the recipe, too.
y'like to hear it? here it go:
in a small saucepot, on low heat, on your stove-
melt 1 stick (8T) vegan butterish.
add 2 tsp vanilla, and pour that over:
2 cups crushed graham cracker crumbs;
1 cup powdered sugar;
3/4 cup natural peanut butter;
press that well-blended concoction into a 9 x 13 inch pan,
lined with foil, which has been greased for ease of release,
and allow it set in the fridge while you re-use that saucepot
to dissolve:
1 cup+ chocolate chips;
1 tsp vanilla;
2-3 T all natural unsweetened thiccc peanut butter.
once that is spreadably melted up,
pour it over the graham base, and smooth it out.
re-refrigerate it, 
and add the white drizzles after another 'nother 11 minutes or so.
white choco chips, a little non-dairy milk, 
and low heat to turn the blanco solids into slippey lava.
that's when you turn it UP, and drop those peanut spranks on top.
otherwise, what are you even doing?
too much is the right amount,
and if you aren't OVERdoing it,
you're doing it wrong.
i couldn't decide which one was superior,
and i still can't.
i might need to make MORE, to try to get to the bottom of it.
i know i'll get to the bottom of the pan faster than i can make up my mind.
shark gluttony is the true winner in a contest like this.
the sharkiest most-gluttoniest holiday is right around the corner,
and i think i may have more company than usual.
that's right.
last year,
it was just the girls, harvest and maple, and myself 
(and crabtree but he's never any help at all)
this year,
there's the very likely attendance of a couple of good guys,
and at least one more valuable viking vixen with all the fixin's.
it might be a real party.
a house party.
a Folk Life & Liberty Fortress Fiesta.
a gathering of gratitude and generosity.
a concentrated collective of concentric overlapping ghost circles of family togetherness.
who'd have supposed a year would change everything so much?
this is What Is now, and it's all really happening-
the unfolding blueprints of a secret universal dispersal of fortune and favor,
flowing forward from here to points unknown to me and mine,
but mapped out in advance along the paths and passages of warrior poetry in motion,
navigable only through active participation.
that's a lot to be a part of,
but at least i won't be going it alone;
never quiet, never soft.....

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