Wednesday, November 22


black beans, bro.
they're pretty much in the top three beans.
they might be the silver medalist, really.
that's reserved for chick peas, man.
frijoles negros have still got it going on, though, for sure.
they've got that special something that a whole lot of beans are missing,
and they make one hell of a righteous soup.
y'feel me?
\black bean soup is what's up,
and it's what i had poppin' last night.'s the thing:
i've got this full-time girl-A* girl all sorts of up in here,
and she loves the holy heck out of 'em.
but, and check this sh!t out-
the first time i'm 100% all about blacking out the bean game to the fullest levels
that a pot of hottness could ever allow?
...she wasn't even around!
womp womp.
no. i didn't cry about it-
that just meant MORE mutha-F*ing sopa for ME!
and i never feel badly about exxxtra servings of deliciousness.
maybe i'm not being descriptive enough.
black bean soup usually looks like greyish brown mud.
that's NOT sexxxy.
i do it half-chunky style-
for better texture;
a much improved physical appearance;
a more clearly defined flavor profile;
and, i like prettier food than a basic bad bowl of blops.
with that in mind, here's what i came up with:

and really it's all about all the exxtras, isn't it?
i think so.
i've got peppers on peppers on peppers,
and avo-flippin'-cados,
and ho'sauce,
and cilantro,
and scallion sprankles all over the tippity top.
THAT'S the way to do it to it, neighbors.
black bean soup!!!
that's what i needed.
and that's what i got.
you wanna make some?
it's ridiculously easy, but it tastes like a super-complicated symphony once you start slurpin'.
that's real.
here's all you've gotta do:
in a 2 quart pot, on medium heat, with a tablespoon of olive oil,
1/2 sweet onion, diced;
1 carrot, sliced thinnish;
1 celery stalk, also thinly sliced;
3 cloves sliced garlic;
1/4 cup minced poblano;
1/2 cup tricolor sweet baby bell peppers;
1 diced jalapeno;
1 cup halved baby tomatoes;
give that a decent sizzle, until the onions are softening,
then add:
2 tsp each: oregano, basil, parsley;
1 tsp each: cumin, coriander, black pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder;
1/2 tsp each: thyme, cayenne.
3 T apple cider vinegar;
1 T better than bouillon soup base;
1 15oz can black beans, in their dark-as-heck juice;
2+ cups water;
1 bay leaf;
give that a simmer for a spell,
and then add cilantro a dash of ho'sauce and a splash of liquid smoke.
that's basically it.
give it fifteen minutes of simm', then immerse your stick-mixin' blender,
and pulverize half of it, roughly.
leave it chunky, for maxxximum enjoyment, please,
then add all that other other stuff on top.
you're a pro, just like that.
massive masa tostadas?!?!
what else would you dip into the broth, bro?
don't be dumb.
they're even simpler-
in a small bowl, mix together:
1/2 cup slightly heaped masa flour;
dash of salt;
1 cup warm water;
2 T lime;
1 tsp olive oil.
mix it up, let it sit, form about five patties, and fry 'em up, for a few minutes,
on both sides, in some melted earth balance butter.
that's really all you've gotta do.
i'm serious.
you like that?
me too.
i'm baking presently,
i'm walking crabtree.
i'm tattooing.
i'm driving to massachusetts and back, to retrieve harvest and maple.
i'm baking again.
today is the day, kids.
the big pre-game prep-work exxxplosion.
there's so much to do, and five hours or so are going to get lost in vehicular travel.
that's a hard style,
but it's a true story,
and i s'pose the real talk of real life is a lot less awful
than any career-fabulist's rose-colored glow.
i'm busy as hell, and i'm not en joying a single tic-toc of any of it.
maybe that's what grown adulthood feels like?
to get what i want, i've got to do what i do.
until such time as i discover how to get past the hands-on portion of the program,
that's all i've got.
busy busy busy busy busy;
never quiet, never soft.....

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