Saturday, November 18


what do you even know about
they're gluten-free!!
they're thiccc!!!
they're incredibly tasty, with the two best nutlike substances working in tandem,
and a whole lotta oaty knobbles and coconutty nibbles keepin' it molto real,
AND a lil' dark chocolate drizz' just to freak it off, too.
that's expert.
i went all out on the big action,
because too much is the right amount,
and i'm gonna need you to just take a quick look at what i mean,
via the super-flavor-circle-wedge-type teleport:

if you're allergic, you're losing out so hard i almost feel sympathy,
that means more treats for me,
and that makes me feel selfishly centered on stuffing more of it into my skull!!
i've been waiting for these vegan chocolate-style chips for melting and activating
to arrive,
and as soon as they got here, i burned through a bunch of bags quick-fast and in a hurry.
hell yes i did.
if you've got 'em, and you aren't trying to git it, you're doomed to get gotten instead,
and that  ain't me, bro.
no way.
i'm a getter of the most gargantuan proportions, and i got this on LOCK.
here's the thing-
i'm asking you to make some of this for yourselves,
because i think you'll find that your whole life is better for tasting it.
no jokes.
this sh!t is the super-deluxxxe TRUTH!
...and once you have some, you'll be much imorved for the experience.
here's how:
in a small saucepot, melt 1 stick (8T) vegan butter;
in a medium mixing bowl,
toss together:
1 cup quick-oats;
2 1/4 cups rolled oats the texture difference is key, here)
1/4 cup unsweetened flake coconut;
1/4 fresh ground unsweetened coconut meal;
1 tsp vanilla;
1/2 cup sugar;
1/2 cup powdered sugar;
3/4 cup creamy natural peanut butter;
1/4 tsp salt.
add the butterish to the oats and peanuttiness,
and combine it until it's a gooey, wet, slippery chunk-up crOmble,
and press it evenly into a 10' circle cake pan,
lined with foil, and greased for ease of release.
add 2 T peanut butter to 1 cup white chocolate chips,
to 2 T smooth ground coconut,
and melt on low heat, or in a double boiler,
or, if you're an A*-hole, just do it in the microwave.
but maybe do it on low heat on the stove like a worthy warrior poet.
whatever, man.
once it's all one wet paste, spread THAT on top,
and refrigerate for a few-
then you're gonna wanna melt a little dark chocolate with a little non-dairy milk,
and activate the drizz'.
drizzlin' is what we like, isn't it?
yes. it certainly is.
and then, because rules is rules,
hit it with some coconutty sprankles.
DAS IT!!!!
i love a good treat.
i also love a good time.
i have the former far more often than the latter,
but at least i have a lot of it whenever i do.
the need to create something delicious is a real compulsion i experience.
it's the sort of urge that comes from constantly adding new tasks to the laborious
voyage of self-improvement i've been on these long years.
way back in the day,.
a pretty bad person suggested i become someone else,
in order to stir some sentiment of fondness in her.
to my embarrassing discredit,
i did not hold myself in high enough esteem to tell her to go to hell
for suggesting i may only be enjoyable if i'm anybody but myself-
in my earnest quest to become something else for all the wrong reasons,
i instead discovered the urge to become something MORE
than i'd thought was previously possible. be a better version of myself,
and not a wholecloth discard of my infinite nature.
and THAT was a self-perpetuating positive side effect of an otherwise awful span of time.
it stuck, too.
to this day, i am compelled to continue to produce greater quantities of greater quality
or great goods and experiences for the greater good of this woodsly goodsly Folk Life
i've been carving out of granite on these frigid northern mountains.
it's all really happening, kids.
the pursuit of productivity and the search for satisfaction continue,
and with triumphant treats like this last one,
i think i'm on the fast track to super-official nonstop hottness, for sure.
this may be all there is for now,
but it's the next step in going further and farther, faster, and for longer,
than all the days leading up to now.
it's all part of the process of progress,
and in the meantime,
we get to eat all this dopeness while we span the time we have been given;
never quiet, never soft.....

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