Friday, January 4


pee eye zee zee ayy!!!!
you already know i can't go too long into the new year
without baking up some of that superfresh fan-favorite doughpeness, dudes.
it's true.
well, yeah, i DO make a lot of pizza.
it's my F*ing favorite.
if i had it once a season, would i realistically be able to claim it
as my ride-or-die numero uno delicious go-to foodstuff?
i have doubts.
but, i'm certain that pizza is the truth, in all it's forms, and that i want to make even MORE
and i want to do it even MORE often,
because too much is the right amount,
and that's doubly so when it comes to a pizza pie for your eye.
wordimus prime.
i made a tray of fancy-crust stuff, and i split it into two different styles.
i did.
i just said i wanted MORE. that means i'm diversifying my deliciousness starting now.
wanna see? then check it out, neighbor:

broccoli and red onion and tomatoes, and tempeh bacon and minced daiya mozz',
and parsley and fried garlic AND fire-roasted tomato flake sprankles!
that's so magnificent.
i tore it up.
get a glimpse of the other side:

baby kale, caramelized onions, crushed tomatoes, dry-fried mushrooms, and tempeh bacon,
daiya mozz' (mincing is mandatory) and shredded miyoko mozzarella as well-
with exxtra baby kale, parsley, and of course, fried garlic sprankles.
rules is rules,
and it just ain't a Folk Life & Liberty Fortress flatbread without that fried garlic, guys.
real talk.
my oven is steady at 480℉ convection style-
my pan was greased and ready.
my dough was cold bulked for twelve hours,
and still had a chance to get wild while the oven heated up-
also, the dough was activated, kids-
1 1/4 cup flour;
2 tsp salt;
1 pkg fast-actin' yeast;
1 tsp bread-machine yeast;
1 cup semolina flour;
1 cup warm water;
1 T fire-roasted tomato flakes;
33 craxxx of coarse-ground black pepper.
as always, it's in the stand-up mixer,
with the dough hook doing it's damnedest to produce powerful gluten chains.
it's expert af.
and it works like a charm.
...what's that?
how long do i bake 'em for?
until they're finished. duh.
what are you?
a timer?
it doesn't work like that.
pizza is produced by intuition, and observation, and active participation;
not to mention a little baby bit of experimentation.
i doo-doo that.
pizza is my favorite thing, and i invest my time wisely with every slice.
the new year is an awful lot like the old one,
but with more resolve and more problems to solve.
how the heckfire am i going to see other peoples' side of things more accurately/
it's hard to imagine, but it's what i'm going for.
and flexibility?
literally and philosophically?
that's a practically applicable two-parter for the second part of my resolution.
and that composure keepin' P.M.A. is leftover from last year as an in-progress project
to keep after as well-
self-improvement is a real pain in the A*, but i have to believe that it's paying off
in some small dividends already.
good is good, but better is better, and bad? well that's everything else-
uh oh.
maybe that empathetic initiative need a lot more work than i thought;
never quiet, never soft.....

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