Tuesday, January 8


i put a pat of vegan butter in my dough,
and it took that muh-fuhh'r into bread territory.
i made pizza.
i always make pizza.
i always want pizza.
i had had pizza for lunch, before i made pizza for supper.
too much pizza is NOT a thing, so i'm not ever worried that it's gonna be more than i need.
i need ALL the pizza, and that's no joke.
but, my dough was breadish- i'm not sad about it, i'm just sayin'.
and if i had to eat a sexxxy sandwich circle?
this is the one i'd have ordered on purpose is it hadn't come through on accident.
word up.
check the happy-birthday-pizza-time-type teleport:

brussies, mushies, carmies, and tempeh bacon,
with sauce and chee' x2, and fried garlic sprankles,
because rules is rules, and even though i almost forgot 'em,
they're on there for the win.
the dough was wet, which i liked a lot.
the olive oily bottom kept it exxxtra-good, too.
i don't discriminate when it comes to vegan pizza.
if it's a compassionate and conscientious radical vegan circle (or square) of
crust and crucial comestibles?
i'mma eat a LOT of it.
that's a fact,.
and when i'm full from lunch pizza, the only cure is dinner pizza.
don't be dumb.
too much is the right amount always and forever.
the mushrooms? dry-fried and slightly pink salted, and barely browned.
the onions? a little bit burnt i spots. i like my caramelization hard and heavy, homies.
the brussies? steam-seared in a hot uncovered pan, with a splash of water in there,
once or twice, on a lil bit of olive oil, and with a splash or two of tamari
to finalize the perfection of a glazed brussels sprout victory.
how about that tempeh bacon?
i can say with confidence that it's F*ing expert.
what's in it?
well, thinly sliced strips of tempeh for starters.
arranged in a pan, with a glug of olive oil,
2 T tamari;
1/4 tsp ea. GPOP;
heavy shakes of smoked paprika;
2-3 shakes of liquid smoke;
1 T agave;
22 craxxx of black pepper;
1/2 cup water-
hydrated on high heat until the water is absorbed and the sugars and salts
have made a syrup of glazed craziness.
you'll love it.
i got my daiya chee' on there, MINCED, man.
that's a must.
i got my grated miyoko mozz' on there, too.
double chee' is the future of pizza at my house.
f'really real.
and that dough?
it was 2 1/4 cups flour;
2 tsp sea salt;
1 T vegan butts;
1 pkg fast yeast;
1 tsp bread machine yeast;
1 cup warm water.
all in my stand-up mixer, with the hook-arm swinging it for like fifteen minutes,
before bulking it up for two hours in the fridge, and stretching it out to fit my steel pan.
the pan is my home boy.
i have two oven stones holding heat, and i finish most of my pies on top of those directly,
but i use the pan as a bakeable peel until that point.
it's awesome, and it works, which is even better than being awesome.
as always, my oven was roaring at 480℉, convection-style.
it takes forEVER to heat up now-
i think i overused the whole thing, too much, too often, too hard,
and now it's tired.
that makes me sad, a little.
i've baked up some epic eats on that big baby b!tch.
nearly ten years of daily abuse have taken their toll, however,
and i guess i respect the thing for it's service.
dylan was here to enjoy that pizza pie.
pizza tastes better with a friend,
even if that means you have to share it.
it was burly.
it was cheesy.
the sauce was copious, but not soupy.
the whole freakin' thing was a perfectly balanced bit of Folk Life fresh-to-deathness.
that's all i needed.
it did put me out, though.
like a light.
comfort and sustenance and trad-sliced traingles and all that chee'
were what pushed me past my prominent exhaustion, and right into nearly a coma.
i slept like pizza was protecting me, and maybe it was, man.
i dunno what goes on inside my body where i can't see it.
i choose to believe that my berfday pizza was taking care of me.
i like that;
never quiet, never soft.....

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