Tuesday, January 8


thai hot and sour sexxxiness, son!
i'm with that.
it just looks spicy.
it smells like you're gonna be healthier than everybody if you have a bowl.
it tastes like there's a zillion tiny fairies shooting fireworks on your tongue.
it's good.
really good.
so good, a whole pot isn't gonna last long at all, y'all.
and if you're gonna make some, then you'd better make MORE.
i had some the other night, quick-fast and in a hurry,
and it was exxxactly what fought off the cold and the exhaustion of a wild wintry day.

YUM is right.
i dunno who tom is, but he's pretty good at soup, guys.
how can y'all make this happen?
that's so simple.
you just do this:
in a 2 quart pan on high heat with a spoonful of toasted sesame oil,
AND a spoonful of unrefined raw coconut oil, saute:
1 1/2 cups shredded cabbage;
1/2 red onion chopped;
1 stalk celery, diced;
1/2 aloha bell pepper, in thin strips;
2 big cloves sliced garlic;
1 small white carrot, in discs;
1/2 purple carrot, bias (angle) cut;
1/4 cup cilantro leaf;
1 1/2 cups whole baby sweet grape tomatoes.
slightly brown the cabbage, then stir in:
2 T chili-garlic paste;
1 T sriracha;
1 T agave;
1 tsp dry ginger;
1 1/2 tsp ea GPOP;
1 tsp ground coriander seed;
22 craxxx coarse black pepper;
add in:
3 T rice vinegar;
2 T tamari;
sizzle that fro three minutes, then pour in:
2 cups warm water;
2 cups baby spinach.
bubble that up to a boil, then reduce to a simmer, and bubble it for ten-fifteen minutes, man.
in a separate small pot, boil some fine rice noodles.
y'know the ones- they're like angel hair.
what's the plan?
three minutes, then drain 'em, rinse 'em in cold water,
rinse 'em again under very hot water,
and add them to your soup, once you spoon it into a bowl, bruh.
yeah, neighbors-
noods and soup and warmth and spice and heat are all in order on cold winter nights.
that's real.
i also browned up some tofu slabs in coconut oil,
fried on both sides to a firm and golden finish.
that's exxxtra expertism, and it's a nice lil addition to a big bowl of fire.
you can see i got rad with some mung bean threads,
and some pea shoots,
and some scallion sprankles, too-
too much is the right amount,
and MORE flavor is what i want in my mouth at all times.
soup is on the menu for january.
i may make some tonight!
who knows?
the fates and the furies, perhaps, but not me.
i'm on some what-say what say-what, ANYthing can happen sh!t-
it's snowy, bro.
and that means we're in mystery territory until it stops.
i'm cool with that- i don't have to know what's for dinner;
never quiet, never soft.....

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