Tuesday, January 8


i did a big ol' tattoo on sunday,
and every single picture i took is a piece of sh!t-
so, instead of seeing that large and in-charge jammer,
here's a couple of zips that i did right afterwards:

shoutouts to america, guy.
i dunno if i'd advertise being a minute man,
but i'm sure i travel in slightly different circles than this dude.
also my berfday, in u.s. calendar writing: 1/7/76,
so that's tight.
patriotism and trucks and second amendment gun excitement-
that's what i was livin' for a bit.
i have so many firearms, but i'm never ever gonna get a constitution tattoo,
unless it's stats from a D&D character- real talk.
and after that, i reimagined and redrew a pretty popular pinterest drawing.
owls, man.
they love 'em:

whoever did it originally launched a billion imitations,
and a thousand re-pins, and the thing of it is- it's a tight drawing.
mine is different, but not so different that you don';t know where it came from.
so, shoutouts to changing my name to dick tracy,
because i'm kind of one for sorta tracing it, y'know?
it was a berfday tattoo for her,
and that was nice to be able to squeeze in.
today is a snow day, so we'll see who shows up.
i'm pretty sure my second client is a boots and trucks guy,
so he'll probably be there-
those guys need to go out in the snow for some reason, or any reason, really.
i'll be ready to do what needs doin' for whoever comes through-
that's what we do at AMPERSAND TATTOO, friends.
ALLLL the things.
maybe you have a cool idea, maybe you just have an idea-
that's fine with us-
either way, we're here to do tattoos and eat cake, and i just finished a slice,
so you know what's next;
never quiet, never soft.....

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