Friday, January 4


i love going back into healed tattoos and tweaking all the little improvable nuances.
a ways back, i started this BIG sleeve of living dead girliness,
and i finally finished this portion yesterday:

the grey is mostly healed, but i added a few lines and stuff-
the color is fresh, and the pink flower showed up in the last hour of the session
as an impromptu addition that really acts like lebowski's rug, y'feel me?
it really ties the room together.
i dunno if y'all like seeing this other thing i do a lot of,
but it's a new year, and i'm trying out a new thing.
you get a free look a what's up, (it's friday after all)
and i get to maybe get more involved in the exxxtra-extroverted social side of my day job.
i'm pretty psyched about all these great clients coming through-
it makes me proud of what AMPERSAND TATTOO really is all about-
and that's MORE.
more tattoos and more art and more of both on people
who want to be a part of the bigger picture.
we're all in it together, without y'all i'm just a dude eating too much-
without me, you're still great, but together?
that's where the expertism happens.
word up.
so, here's to fewer bummer doo-doo buttery bam-bammers,
and to waaaaaay more of these loud, fresh, tight and bright jauns for the new year.
i'm counting on you guys to come through and take it to eleven.
i'm only as rad as your ideas, so make 'em count;
never quiet, never soft.....

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