Thursday, January 10


i drew it myself, i have nobody else to blame.
however, i did both my hands a severe and savage and serious bit of mischief-
hand-drawing all the lines,
and using a lightweight aluminum machine to hit 'em hard where it hurts.
that's recipe for shockwaves and awesome aftershocks and i juries to my arms an' that.
i felt every impact almost as acutely as the lovely stepsisters who occupied my whole entire day.
they are not wicked ones in the least, either.
their tattoos however, are wicked siiiiick,
up to and including a flippin' dragonwolf, bro.
that's real.
check out a little of what we did at AMPERSAND TATTOO recently:

and albie bee, named jenny by her owner!

ouch, there's a bone that hates being tattooed right there!
and then, on her sister, i fired up this battle-beast:

and that swirly lightning stuff?
it goes allllllll the way around both sides.
it's pretty F*ing awesome to have slients who wanna hang out all dang day long.
i like it, a lot.
in fact, i look forward to spanning time and space with these folks,
and we get a to share stories and talk about life, and food, and the future,
and it's a welcome exchange,
while i'm exchanging their old busted skin for some new hottness,
and they're exchanging hours and dollars to become more dope than when they got there.
i'm grateful for the opportunity to do this.
i'm grateful for the recurring visits that interact and overlap
and intertwine our stories together.
it makes the whole thing a billion times more expert.
that's real;
never quiet, never soft.....

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