Wednesday, January 9


my client came in with a picture of a cross-hatched ship in a flower.
i took it, turned it up a little,
took more than a few liberties,
sized it up to his arm,
and climbed into it with a couple two-three different needles.
a ship in a rose, based on reference from an artist who is unknown to me,
and therefore is regrettably uncredited for their inspiration.
check the teleport:

boats and hoes, bros.
i like a bit of black and grey.
i also like flower tattoos.
i even dig on waterborne vessels.
you may have noticed recently that all these tattoos are very different.
...that's because i do all the kinds of tattoos.
i guess that's my specialty?
you need it, i got it, and y'all could get it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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