Wednesday, January 2


so, dylan closed out AMPERSAND TATTOO's schedule for the second year in a row.
he gets cool tattoos.
y'all act like your ideas are cool, too; and that's perfectly fine, man-
they're cool to you, and that's what's important-
but y'boi gets genuinely cool tattoos,, though.
...and that's no joke.
marky-markered-on drawn-on-skin fit-to-fit fresh-to-death jauns are all i do to the kid,
and i sure am psyched that there are folks in the woodsly goodness that understand
that the best tattoos aren't already posted on pinterest-
i'm not hatin', are always welcome-
ALL the tattoo ideas are invited, actually-
i'm just especially grateful for the tattoos that are also F*ing fun and exciting-
like this one:

i could do this sh!t all day every day and never get bummed about it.
real talk.
and to think, it started with some lime green and magenta markers first:

this is the third daruma i've done at the studio.
i'd very much like to do about eight more-
i've even got one on me-
that's because he's as timeless as flowers, hearts, and skulls-
all of which i want to do a LOT of in 2019-
but y'boi big d on MY boi weird d,
is tattoo hottness from japan, reimagined in the woodsly goodness.
i'm sayin'-
it's 2019-
let's all get fun tattoos all year;
never quiet, never soft.....

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