Tuesday, January 1


i burned it ALL.
boxes, crates, cartons, packages, paperwork, bills, envelopes,
leftover christmas wraps and containers....
all of it on fire, bright, and hot, and steamy, and smoky,
while the snow fell fast and heavy onto my shoulders,
and blanketed the whole of the woodsly goodness.
that's what i do on new year's eve.
i burn all the old 'recycling' right down to a heap of ash.
at one point, the fire pit was a spinning mass of unapproachable towering inferno-
the flames were so big, and hot, and the snow was evaporating into a force field of fog,
and all the while, the smoke was billowing into the brightened sky-
that's expert.
check the new year, old ceremony-type teleport:
i do so love a good conflagration.
the spaces that were full to bursting with the remains of 2018 are free and clear now.
heck, i even found ancient tax records, and i tossed those on the coals for good measure-
it's time for that new-new, and that's where all the hottness is headed.
standing in the weather, turning dark to light, cold to warm,
and matter into energy,
whilst reflecting on the events of this last year was very good for my spirit and memory.
i mean it.
instead of just sittin' and missin' all my peoples, i took the time to feel the feels,
and appreciate all those folks who've been true blue and worth a sh!t.
i am grateful for those i span time with,
i am grateful for the moments we make together.
i've got a lot to keep me motivated, and now that it's officially brand new,
albeit nearly identical to yesterday,
i'm charged up and charging ahead into the future,
ready to be involved, and stay involved, in the life and times and love and luster of
a great big shiny stay-golden sphere of influential Folk Life and Liberty.
it's all really happening,
and i burned away the old to make way more room for what's coming;
never quiet, never soft.....

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