Sunday, January 6


i ain't no goddamn sun of a b!tch-
y'better think about it baby, babe!
that's right.
the misfits.
where eagles dare.
the crimson ghost, a.k.a. the fiend.
that's what started my saturday on my good friend carlos.
a tribute to his dearly departed best friend,
and a chance for he and i to really get into some expert sh!t all afternoon
he came in with a coffee for y'boi, and we tuned up some cookies,
and we got all the way into a big-A* tattoo, blasted out from start to finish
in 3.5 hours with the crucial eleven round outline needle, man.
yeah. we did it like we meant it, and we F*ing really meant it.
check the teleport:

art nouveau, american tradtional and neo-traditional all met up in the middle,
and this is what we made!
nate took that picture.
here's what my A*-hole camera decided was acceptable:

not the same, but the same, y'know?
hard styles and hard tattoos and hard times abound.
so, i did that for the first half of the day,
and then i popped off a pair of other jauns, too.
shoutouts to er'rybody, let's get this, y'feel me?

half-stenciled, half markered-on;
all done with one machine and one needle.
i have good clients, and they get good tattoos.
some of you may recognize this motif from pinterest.
that's cool. we F* with money tats heavy over here.
it's more of all of it today, too.
overbooked and tightly packed, and all of it with hands that swell to the size of oven mitts.
it's all really happening,
and i'm glad for it, no matter what toll it's taking on my time and my tendons.
a grand don't come for free, and these tattoos aren't gonna zap themselves-
it's up to me to make some magic happen every freakin' day-
don't worry, i have tomorrow off.
it's an especially special day,
and i wouldn't span it working for all the movie checks in the woodsly goodness.
time is here for the taking, moves are ready for the making,
and all of it is really happening while the iron is hot and the lightning is striking;
never quiet, never soft.....

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