Thursday, January 3


i had two tattoos to start off the new year,
both return clients from somewhere else-
i started with an elephant, and flowers, on the curve of a hip:
i drew it up, and made a stencil of my drawing. 
i did.
and it fit like a glove, which is why i'm not sad about it.
here's the thing-
homegirl drove three hours each way to get zapped up,
and i appreciate that a whole bunch.
i've done all her tattoos, so far, and that's a big deal to me, anyway-
i don't care if folks get tattooed a bunch by lots of artists,
when they stick with one tattooer, and like what they do?
that's very cool.
my other tattoo was on my other other homegirl who has a big ol' tattoo in the works.
we put a big addition onto it, too.
drawn-on with marky-markers, and zapped up to tie the bottom into the new hottness up top:
she's in town from F*ing michigan, man.
and she made a minute to come through and get activated.
that's special.
i'm grateful for the trust and the effort and the endurance that my clients display,
and i do my damnedest to be worthy of it.
it's all really happening, and it's breaking my spidery fingers-
but i wouldn't trade it for anything-
i do what i do because it's what i'm s'posed to.
this is it, and we're off to a good start;
never quiet, never soft.....

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