Tuesday, June 28

naynay nunu

the bananas were probably perfect the day before.
i got some big bananas, and they were pretty ripe when i grabbed 'em.
when i remembered that i had bananas on the counter,
they were brown-spotted and soft.....
...which worked out nicely,
as i prefer them baked in bread over eaten like a monkey.
real talk.
banana bread is delicious.
that's no joke.
peanut butter is ALSO delicious.
and that's a whole separate but also true thing.
when they get together???
joy and contentment abound in the woodsly goodness.
in varying degrees from that baseline buhnaynaynunu and peanu'butt scene,
chocolate was added into the mix,
with success compounding success with each successive addition.
wordimus prime.
check the stacks-on-stacks-on-stacks-type teleport:

ALL the peanut buttery banana barbarian business.
that's what goes on in this kitchen.
mini loaves of unadulteated new hottness,
with variety for all the picky petes and choosy suzies out there.
how'd i make these?
i did this:
1 stick (8 T) vegan butts
3/4 cup raw sugar
3 large bananas
.5 tsp salt
2 T vanilla bean paste
2/3 cup natural peanut butter
creamed together and whipped around,
before adding
1 cup a.p. flour
1 cup spelt flour
1 tsp baking ka-powder
1 tsp baking so-soda
1/3 cup tapioca
1 cup vegan sour cream
that's it.
from there,
i freaked it off with chocolate chips,
and then,
because too much is the right amount,
and also the only way we doo-doo our freaky sh!t in this place,
i also added cocoa.
oh, i dunno- i had to guesstimate the quantities as the batter diminished,
the thing is,
i wanted to take 'em to eleven, as well,
so i whisked together a peanut buttery powdered sugar tapioca vanilla cream,
and laid it down on top of some of 'em,
i whisked in some cocoa, obvi,
rules IS rules, if y'feel me....
and i dropped that on some others.
other 'nother 'nother ones, guys.
everybody gets activated,
and that means all the rest weren't neglected, kids.
no way.
those got chocolate chip sprankles.
i mean,
what do you even think i'm doing in this Folk Life & Liberty Fortress?
F*ing off?
not on your life, baby.
you can see the results for yourself.
you should probably bake yours for about half an hour at 350F,
if you're making muffins and not loaves?
you should still do the same damned thing, man.
talking about food seems infinitely more rewarding than talking about television.
i try my hardest to steer the studio discussions away from the wasted time
in from of the flatscreen, consuming commercial content,
instead of time invested in the kitchen,
creating cultured cuisine and consuming nutritional content to our hearts' content.
it's NOT snobbery, exactly,
although i do consider myself among the elite
of the active participatory woodsly goodfellows,
of which i only know a handful anyway.
i just feel ever-increasingly lonely whenever people are discussing,
what their thoughts are on what might happen next week on some show,
while simultaneously accepting that some microwaved weak sauce beforehand
is okay to put in their mouths.
fattening up and salting out
while they sit in front of the image projector,
watching instead of doing, losing themselves in make-pretend-
so that tomorrow they can connect with others over what they passively absorbed.
i don't have time for that anymore.
there's lots to do,
and i'm not about to make up the minutes by shortcutting the fuel-creation plan.
i like a good story-
as much, or maybe even MORE, than the next guy,
but only after really real life has unfolded to the outermost limits of each day.
for serious,
there's so much that's actually really happening,
i'd hate to miss it because pretend people are doing pretend things while you sit still.
wordimus prime.
i'm here,
and i'm talking about food,
perhaps more importantly,
i'm talking about the food i'm making.
active participation requires both of those things.
i choose to talk about what i do,
not what i watch others do;
never quiet, never soft.....

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