Wednesday, June 29


time is passing at an alarming pace.
that's the sentiment i feel most acutely on a daily basis.
long days, longer nights, hard times and harder styles abound
all around us, all the time-
so it's up to us to make the minutes matter more.
for us,
here in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
that involves a whole lotta very good, very tasty foodstuffs
in between the chores and challenges of time,
and it's passage,
laying waste to each and every circadian revolution.
if it's gonna go by so quickly,
i'm gonna eat the heck outta some expert sh!t while the clock runs out.
the cycles spin like dervishes, sure,
but the dishes are delicious, and i'll take what i can get,
also, if all i can get is a decent meal?
really, i'm still coming out ahead.
i'm feeding the furnace, and i'm investing my interests in ingesting comestibles.
when it's tuesday,
and you love alliteration,
AND you made guacamole in the morning-
there really is only one choice.....
check the teleport:

i'm about it,
ampy d is about it,
and together, we're just about the taco-t'winningest twosome
to terminate a tray of treats, on a tuesday, in some time.
that's exxxactly how we take our time, too-
in folded tortillas of fattie-boombattily stuffed fresh-to-deathly hallowed hot fuego.
that's a thing.
we seared up some homestyle seitan,
with poblano, green bell pepper and a little red onion.
then we seasoned it with a pinch of cumin, a blast of GPOP, a little oregano,
some smoked paprika, black pepper, a little redhot ho' sauce,
and a splash of crushed tomatoes,
cut to the quick with a generous blast of lime juiciness.
before drippin' a dollop of butterish in there to fry it up.
it's a progression and escalation of compound flav',
and it turns up the heat to eleven.
y'know what happens when you doo-doo that sort of sh!t?
you get the BOOMFIRE for your bellyhole,
and the new hottness has alllllll the right moves for your mouth before it gets there.
when you fire 'em up with some nicey-nice diced red onion,
and a few quartered heirloom sweet little round tomatoes,
over a bed of fancy lettuces, of which i used three different assortments,
because too much is the right amount,
and good-lookin' food always makes me hungrier.
AND grilled leeks, for that creamy, gentle oniony char and charm,
plus a cilantro lime coconut crema,
and some MORE ho' sauce???
how could that get any better?
with fresh cilantro sprankles, obvi.
that's IT.
yeah, that's jalapeno lime black beans and rice,
with scallions.
minced onion, and minced jalapeno, and brown rice,
generously activated with lime,
while the beans were fried separately at first,
with GPOP, and jalapeno, and scallions,
before all of it got together to make something much more elite.
texture taste and heat, all cooperating instead of competing,
just so that a side order could succeed as a main event.
i like that.
it's called F*ing teamwork,
and i think a lot of players out there could learn from that.
if you ain't with food combinations,
then you ain't a player, you just cook a lot.
fiesta rainbow guacamole finished off our suppertime plates.
yellow, red, and orange sweet miniature peppers are a staple up here.
we love 'em, and we use 'em in everything.
poblano, green bell, jalapeno, and red chili jauns are all also featured
in my avocado spellcasting smash and grab sorcery.
cilantro, scallions, lemon, lime, garlic, GPOP, black pepper, and salt
complete the bigger picture.
smashed together, and allowed to get to know each other all day,
so that when we drop a scoople on our tacos,
a well-organized chain of precise delights is already in full effect.
i get it poppin' in this place,
for my palate,
for my palette,
for my pictures to prove it,
and for my personal pleasure-
i'm not saying cooking is easy.
i'm saying that it's not that hard.
maybe taking it up a notch isn't for everybody?
i mean,
you are what you eat,
and that's why i want the biggest, the most beautifullest, and MORE of it-
i'm aiming at going all the way off the charts, to eleven+;
y'all can crush some tepid takeaway if that's all you really want,
but that's a steady 5, at best, on the active participation scale, duders.
that's precisely half bad.
good enough is not enough.
don't forget it.
maybe go get some ingredients,
and make something;
never quiet, never soft.....

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