Thursday, June 30


hey friends!
how about one last treat for june?
oh, okay.
y'shouldn't leave dessert of the menu when you're planning a heroic level
of gluttonous gastric overdosing, y'know?
that's no joke.
since we were all about to get activated with all sorts of mexican miercoles,
i figured i'd toss a little silken tofu/coconut creme pie jauns in the mix,
and see where that got us.
check the teleport:

it's got all the goods.
chocolate and standard-issue graham crackers, coupled with coarse-ground coconut,
a dash of sugar, and coconut oil, with a hint of vanilla,
compose that thick and crumbly crust.
there's nothing wrong with that.
after a little bakey firm-up,
i poured the melted chocolate into a bowlful of  coconut crema, silken tofu,
cocoa, and ground coconut flake, again with a splash of vanilla,
and pureed it into a pulpy semi-solid that smelled like glory and victory.
on top of that bumpy lumplenut surprise,
i tossed down a ring of flaked unsweetened fancy coconut shrapnel,
and let it sink right in as the chocolate gelled and the cream set to it.
here's the situation-
that would've been a great way to snack up on a little sweetness as is,
rules is rules.
whenever we're doing something,
letting simplicity dictate the outcome is never in the forecast.
too much is the right amount,
and doing it right isn't the only way.
not when overdoing it even righter is possible.
to that end,
i whipped up some full-fatty coconut milky coconut-laced frosting,
and swirled it along the circles that echo and imitate the revolutions of infinity,.
i grated some dark chocolate sprankles on top of THAT.
i told you, man.
too much.
that's what it's about.
we ate it,
we loved it,
and there's still some left!
any day in june is no longer an option.
this is it.
the last one.
the finale.
july promises all sorts of new things-
some better for the lessening,
some more lucrative for the busier business of a big summertime season,
all of it,
good and bad, big and bigger,
and maybe some things slightly smaller in some aspects-
it's ALL really happening.
time is being divvied up like slices of pie,
and the largest wedges aren't being driven between us,
they're being devoured and transformed.
goodbye, june,
hello the future;
never quiet, never soft.....

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