Tuesday, June 28

where my real 'za-heads at?

there ain't no party like a mutha-F*in' pizza party,
because a Folk Life & Liberty Fortress pizza party is the TRUTH!!!
i thought i was making two double-dough fatty-boombatties,
but the cold proof portion of the pregame preparations proved otherwise.
one BIG ol' batch of from-scratch heavy semolina jauns
was swole up and awaiting my arrival after work.
i'm still searching for the perfect dough,
but this one was pretty good.
a little high-gluten floury add-on helped to hold it together under
savagely stormswept heaps of toppings and trappings.
i'll get it jusssssst right eventually,
and in the meantime,
there will be SO much pizza on my plate as i trial-run each new idea.
the BIG double pizza situation is working out reallllly well for us.
two kinds of pizza, per pizza, times three pizzas,
for a sexxxy six-style pie pig-out,
for just me and ampy d this time around.
i'm blarping out, a bit,
as my pizza intake has now exceeded my maximum daily energy output.
i better get moving as soon as i'm done with this accurate assessment of
real life pizza-tossin' participation.
too much is the right amount,
but that doesn't apply to a pizza potbelly.
no way, man.
that's gross.
wanna see why i'm thickening up around the bellybutton?
you do?
check the pizza-pie-in-your-eye-like-amore-type teleport:

what's on it?
* that's underchee' and daiya mozzarella,
covered with crucial crushable cauliflower buffzzz!!!
seared up cauli-wobbles in expert buff sauce from scratch,
with red onion, and sriracha stripes,
and cilantro-coconut dressing,
with a few fresh cilantro sprankles.
that's big flavor, and bigger action, and it's only one of six styles, kids-
* red sauce, as in, crushed tomatoes, with more chee', and underchee,
and leeks, and onions, and burly brussels sprouts,
with fried garlic spranks, to turn it up, and turn it out,
and get this party all the way live.
with that,
our appetites were whetted, and the finely-honed hunger
of a wholehearted shark-glutton had us like: GIMME'S'MO'.
and so we did that:

* homemade vegan sausages? yup.
stir-fried rainbow peppers, with poblano and green bell jauns, too?
caramelized onions?
and fresh basil, to turn it up to eleven.
...with crushed 'matoes, daiya mozzarella,
and a few scallion sprankles, to boot.
* escarole and white bean white pizza for our big fat faces to munch.
underchee', daiya provolne slices,
pureed white-bean-and-seitan-broth garlic'd pasty sauce,
wilted ripped escarole, grilled leeks, and fried garlic sprankles,
because when we come to rock the party,
we rock the flippin' party hard.
that's a LOT of pizza,
but at the same time,
it's not enough, is it?
you already know what's up-
check the teleport:

one more, with two more, for the road.
if you don't eff with pizza at least this hard,
what are you even doing on this planet??
pizza is the best, and loving to eat pizza is smart.
get with this, and get over here next time to experience the boomfire, bro.
ahhhh, hahahaha.
* garlic scapes, braised with broccolini florets.
that is fast becoming a thing we just can't go without.
on the ones,
that's because it's gooooood.
cheddar daiya, over underchee', sauceless, but activated with cashew-garlic mozz blops,
a big ol' blast of nootch, and a few carmies under there, as well,
for a very fulfilling, and filling, hamden-hues green and gold monster!
* classico majesty, man!
house-blend upgrade pepperoni, tuned, turned up and dialed in, from vegan sausage,
sauteed in soy liquid smoke and smoked paprika, for the ultimate 'roni reality.
heirloom tomatoes, crushed tomatoes,
shredded vegan swiss sh!t (NOT our favorite)-
and all of this pizza,
like, all across the whole thing,
is all-the-way blown UP with fried garlic sprankles.
those zizzy-zazzlers are NO JOKE,
and they make all of it exxxtra-expert.
making dinner is equal parts practical, philosophical, and poetic.
the perfunctory gestures of practiced creation,
the intuitive addition of components,
the creative culinary tangents within an established format-
all of it,
all the time,
is how i'm expressing my deep and abiding love for being alive.
i'm very serious.
a better fate than death awaits us anywhere,
and it all starts with a better way of interacting-
with your face, with your tastes, with your body,
with your kitchen, and pursuant to that kind of interactive participation,
with the wider world at large.
...that's a real thing.
this is What Is,
it's ALL really happening, all the time,
even in something as necessary as supper-
and it's how my truths get told;
never quiet, never soft.....

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