Thursday, October 6


i know i'm reppin' falafel all week
like a freakish fiend with a serious addictive compulsion.
but here's the thing-
i still like cookin', y'know?
so, with a day off, and no time to even pretend to want to invest
in responsible adulthood's chores and bores and snores and stores,
i got busy in the laboratory,
and laced-up some new hottness for my lunchtime situation.
no joke.
check the teleport:

i made autumn tacos, kids.
soft flour foldable flaps filled with ferocious fresh-to-deathly flavors.
.........that's a thing.
-those are oven-roasted purple potatoes, with grilled leeks, and tomatoes,
and red hot chili peppers, over shredded cabbage,
drizzled with lime-highlighted sour creme.
how was it?
c'mon, y'all.
it was F*ing expert!
and below that one?
-butternut squash, red onion, cucumber, scallion, fried garlic sprankles,
orange sweet peppers, sour creme, and cilantro.
that one was expert, too!!
how about that purple cabbage bottomed tomato and chili and sweet peppery
homemade elite vegan spicy sausage jaun?
heck yes, my friends.
sweet onion, hot peppers, sweet peppers, ho'sauce and aleppo pepper punctuated,
slightly chili-seasone sausage slices, with scallions and cilantro,
and more fresh jalapeno hottness.
that's a trio of terrific tastes that totally effed my face!!!
and that wasn't even it!
-cider-spiked garlic rice??
a little sweet cider, a lot of crushed garlic,
and a few more fried garlic sprankles!!!
too much is the right amount.
everything else is b!tchbaggery of the first order.
and those are smoky cayenne brussels, brother.
yeah they are.
a splash of soy, a drizzle of ho'sauce, a dash and a half of cayenne,
and a drippy drop or two of liquid smoke, steamed on high-as-hell heat
for caramelization and crispy skins.
that's the stuff.
i ate more than i should've.
i accomplished less that i could've.
all in all,
i'd say it was a fair trade.
less done, more ingested.
maybe i'm just stocking up for a big transformation,
or a big hibernation,
or just some old fashioned consternation.
no matter what,
the food is pretty choice around here right now,
and the big action is progressing apace in THAT regard at least.
there's a routine tha has developed around here,
and its worn a rut into the world around me.
there's plenty of opportunity to freeform some food,
within the dirty deep ditch i've entrenched myself in,
but i'm still stuck on a single track through some mud, mire, and mess.
this week is as close to a vacation as i get.
leaving work early to come work at home a bit harder,
just to jet out there, to the fair,
and zip straight back again,
only to repeat the same set of steps,
over and over and over and over and over....
well, because there's falafel, man.
for sure, that's what's up...
and that is good.
the fatter i get on falafel,
the more i worry i'll never burst the boundaries of this track i'm on.
it's ALL really happening,
it's actually just that it's the same things, happening ad infinitum,
and that's the truth, but i hope it's not the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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