Tuesday, October 4

pumpin' up the pumpkin.

i think that my baking schedule in september and october is especially expert.
mostly, i believe that is because of the thematic hottness that i get into so hard.
apples are what's catching eyes during september, of course;
and pumpkin magic is the straight street-boomfire all throughout  october.
that's the rules.
and i do so love a good rule.
well, now that it's october,
and i'm fully immersed in fair food,
and with traffic-jammed foliage F*ery congesting my rush home,
just to walk crabtree a little exxxtra,
in an attempt to make up for the extended stay in his little lockup
that he has to endure while waiting around for,
and making do without, me for the rest of the week,
i've got pumpkin on my mind.
jeez that's a hell of a sentence.
the thing of it is- life is hard when you're a pain in the A*...
and while i think that's fair-
i've got falafels to munch up, so we'll have to deal with it.
now that it's october, like i was saying-
pumpkin jauns are what's good.
and when it's breakfast time,
and i'm wide awake, and i kinda want scones,
but i don't reaaalllly want scones?
what's the right answer?
i think it's THIS:

ginger cranberry pumpkin biscuits!!!!
for breakfast.
for my face,.
for the greater good of shark-gluttony everywhere.
you want to make some?
it goes like this-
a bunch of fresh grated ginger, you know how much you want, so make that much,
added to one heavy handful of dried cranberries,
squitred with one T of lemon juice, and tossed together, then set aside until a bit later.
in a big ol' bowl, combine:
1 stick plus 2 T butts
1 handful of sugar
2 cups of flour
1/4 cup tapioca
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp each bakey powpow and soda
cut together with buttery chunks hangin' tough in there visibly.
then you add
2 tsp vanilla
6 oz pumpkin puree
4 oz of whatever vegan yogurt jaun you like
and those cranberries, kids. that's important.
fold the dough, and turn it, over and over, until all the dry bit is soft and wet,
and the orange color is lookin' very luscious.
let that chill for five minutes,
and then roll it out to about an inch or so thick,
and start cuttin' circles out.
i got 13, using 3" circles, and i froze 'em while the oven was still preheating.
they get dusted with raw sugar sprankles, naturally,
because taking it a bit past delicious is where we're headed anyway,
and baked for about 20 minutes.
those sh!ts are so dope, neighbors.
real talk.
soft, flaky, spicy with that gingery bite, sweet,
and with that chewy cranberry switch-up in every bite they go to eleven, most def.
i don't want bullsh!t food.
i want hottness.
i think that's fair, since i'm the one making it.
pumpkin is good,
pumpkin is nice,
and pumpkin is synonymous with october.
the only thing is,
i don't actually freak out that hard over pumpkin!
i like it and all, make no mistakes;
i'm not one of those die-hard pumplestiltskin maniacs.
that's the truth, but i'm STILL gonna crush the pumps all month.
too much is the right amount,
and that's just the way i'm livin' my life.
pump it up,
and make it work.
that's the order of the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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