Wednesday, October 26


ohhhhhhhh, rocky!!
oh, wait.
that's TIM curry. bad.
i mean, that's alright,
and all right,
it's still the wrong kind of curry.
for real.
i'm more of a coconut yellow style of man, myself.
a hearty, thick, spicy-as-heckfire helping of hot and creamy coconut curry
is the cure for what ails me.
or, its what fills my bellyhole while i'm ailing and failing at feeling better.
check the teleport:

you like that kaBOOMfire!?!
i do too.....a whole LOT, actually.
i got myself some parboiled white and blue potatoes,
and i grilled 'em up in coconut oil.
i also broiled the sh!t outta some cauliflower,
splashed with soy and sriracha,
which steamed through while getting good and charred on top.
i set those aside, along with jasmine rice, seasoned with just a zippy drip of lime,
and got to work on the big pot of power that dominated the day.
with no voice,
and no appointments on the schedule, allowing for a 'cleaning day' at work,
i did a bunch of consults,
and more importantly,
i brought my hallowe'en costume accoutrements along with me to the studio,
where i got the babiest little teeny-tiny bit accomplished.
who knows if i'll finish when i s'posed to?
but i've gotta move on,
and keep trying harder and harder to fit it into the schedule, kids.
...anything other than that can't be tolerated.
the thing of it is, there's less time than usual-
yuck, yuck, and yuck.
i'm super sick,
and i'm doing my best to beat it with just my vegan healing factor.
also, i ordered pizza delivery for lunch,
and got pizza take-away for supper,
because cooking isn't on the menu.
at least not during the choking, throat-closing coughing jags
that are wracking and wrecking my chest, and ravaging my voice.
on the ones:
to a competent communicator/chronic-motormouth
is THE WORST way to try and span time.
there's a lot of hacking, some feverish chilling,
and the blissful oblivion of my nightly fresh-to-deathly 4 hours of sleep.
i'm talking with my hands but it isn't sign language.
back to that curry, tho-
coconut oil, and sauteed onions, sizzled up until they turned clear.
from there, i added poblano, diced;
jalapeno, sliced;
rainbow baby bells, also sliced;
and red chili, minced.
the peppers gave it some zing, neighbors, and i needed that.
after all,
i'm trying to punish my tonsils for quitting on me...
fried garlic got tossed in,
and i poured a full can of coconut milk on top.
a half a cup of water, a scoople of bouillon,
GPOP, half a bunch of cilantro,
and about 7 big basil leaves, shredded, also made their way in there.
so did a few tablespoons of lime juice,
a sh!tload of turmeric,
fresh ginger,
smoked paprika,
coriander, and a pinch of cardamom.
and let's not leave out that firm cup of chick peas that turned up the texture, buddy.
heck yeah.
i added some chopped scallions at the end,
and fired all of that hottness (the rice, 'tatoes, wrestlers' ears, and wet stuff)
all together into a BIG bowl,
with a few more scallions as sprankles;
and then i ate all four servings'-worth all by myself.
i do my dirt all by my lonely, homies.
not only that,
but if food is my medicine is my food, an that?
i'm OD'ing all the time.
that's how it IS, man.,
too much is the right amount,
...i decorated my place setting with peony leaves.
i figured they weren't doing very much good out in the yard,
an a little autumn beauty doesn't hurt the taste of a spicy feast at all.
that's real.
i'm sotto voce,
and i don't like it.
not one bit.
i'm fairly certain that these long, uphill sweaty walks in the icy drizzles
and frosty fogged-over mountainous mornings aren't doing me any favors.
crabtree, however,
has really taken advantage of my lack of loudness.
since i can't yell at him to stop being an A*-hole,
he's taking his A*-holery to new and previously unimagined heights.
he cant come when i call, because i can't call, y'all.
it's one of those things....
i HAVE to chase him,
because words aren't available,
not that they were working all that well when we had them on hand.
it's pneumatic knuckles,
and hopefully non-pneumonic mnemonics,
that we're using to convey ideas and actions.
body language and non-verbal abuse.
it's ALL really happening,
and i'm really trying to stay cool while it does;
never quiet, never soft..... 

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