Wednesday, October 19


hey guys,
y'know how you crash out at night,
and shut your eyes and let your whole mind and body recharge
in a bedful of snug and restful slumberland deluxxxury?
i bet that's pretty cool.
you know what i'm doing while you're doing that?
i'm getting busy with my big business, bro.
that's no joke.
sleeping is reportedly some kind of health benefit,
but it sure looks a whole lot like getting nothing done.
i do not have time for that-
check the teleport:

you sleep,
but i grind.
that's right,
and that's it.
well before 6 a.m.,
i'm already elbows deep in that flour power.
on the real-real-
i kneaded up two kinds of sourdough-
a slightly-sweet sprouted whole wheat jaun,
and an explosively spelted expletive;
i divvied up the freshly-divided semi-semolina sourdough pizza balls;
and i got the delicata squash out, for splitting and filling and roasting.
what're those beige tubes?
oh c'mon, neighbors-
i made a batch of from-scratch seitan sausages,
packed with pulverized chick peas,
utilizing those leftover legumes from pizzatime on monday.
is that all?
no way.
there's sugar cookie dough cold-coolin in the fridge,
and there are red lentil-seitan steaks developing gluten chains on the stovetop.
1/2 cup red lentils
1 1/4 cups broth
2 T soy sauce
liquid smoke
3 cloves macerated garlic
black pepper
1/3 cup chopped caramelized sweet onion
1 cup wheat gluten
boil the lentils with the garlic until the liquids are all gone,
then add the glutes and the spices and the onions,
and stir it all up.
from there, form up some cutlets,
and cook 'em in a skillet, with enough liquid
(tomato sauce, broth, whatever) to cover them halfway,
and flip e'm, adding enough liquid to replace what's been absorbed,
until both sides are a bit brown.
y'know what THAT is?
it's F*ing expert.
i stay portobello while y'all mush in your room, y'feel me?
there's too much to do,
and i can't even waste any more time writing about it.
it's all really happening,
too much is not enough,
and not enough is all i've got.
whatever gets done is clearly all i could've ....
i'm not rushing the hottness,
and i'm sure as sh!t not takin' shorts.
loud, fresh hardness until i collapse or it's finished.
i think we all know which one it is gonna be;
never quiet, never soft.....

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