Thursday, October 13


quick and dirty,
let's talk about my most recent flat crust foray into fresh-to-deathly
hallowed hearthstone baking!
i think i'm onto something here-
i mean it.
i doubt it's a secret that the bottom of a pizza is the make or break basis for beginning,
before you even get a chance to roll the dice on activating the toppings
the dough is the key,
and the dough is the TRUTH.
real talk....
sourdough pizza crust might be the cure for what ails me, long as what i'm getting down with is the thin-crust sickness.
naturally-leavened commercial-yeast-free flavor, in a firm and ferocious flatbread disc.
that's what i am craving, and the advanced prep work is well worth the rewards.
yeah, y'gotta plan on no pizza until tomorrow at the earliest-
for realsies-
we're ringing in a new era of hottness-
even factoring in the bulk-fermentation waiting period..
...and that new-new is what's good-good.
i'm super-serious about this slowwwwww-proofed tangy zinger,
and it's kind of a game changer,
the crisp crawnch of that tangy circle has me feelin' super positive.
on the ones, check the teleport:

that's word.
white pizza, when done correctly, is some expert-level sh!t...
this one had tomatoes, but quartered, and on top,
so it still counts as a whitey.
caramelized onions are rad.
homemade vegan pepperoni is rad.
blanched broccoli rabe,
parboiled to relieve it of it's acrid essence
with a well-balanced baby bite of bitterness,
is SUPER rad.
roasted mushrooms?
c'mon, man.
with salt, pepper, and olive oil, in a 450F oven,
to firm 'em up and remove all traces of slime,
so that the concentrated meaty mushy ruminations
really show up heavy in these streets???
that's what i want in my mouth.
that's what i want MORE of in my mouth..
because i already ate this one all up.
i HAD to underchee' it, with my custom cashew-garlic blend,
and you know i rep the daiya mozzarella exxxtra-hard!
double chee' is key to white pie...
did i nootch-blast the top?
did i activate some fried garlic sprankles to hook that sh!t up on the top?
F* yes i did.
rules is rules,
and too much is the right amount.
i want heroic pizza times,
and i want them ALL the time.
after all,
i get to pick what i have for dinner,
so why wouldn't i pick the barbarian burly big action?
i gotta do what's right on the money, right on time,
and righteously delicious.
heroism on a baked bread circle.
that's the correct course of action in a one course meal.
it's all really happening, every day,
and there's only going to be more of it until i'm out of dough
of one sort or another;
never quiet, never soft.....

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