Wednesday, October 5


i made a real mess yesterday.
i caramelized some sugar, and i added a blop of pumpkin,
and i stirred in some vegan creamchee',
along with spices and starches and vanilla......
look, neighbors, i was trying a new thing,
and it wasn't going as planned,
so i kept putting more treats and delights in there, until i forced the elements
to align along the lines i'd drawn in my mind.
that's a thing.
i wish i could give you an accurate recipe,
because these jauns are the business,
it was literally pinches of this and that,
and some of those, until i had what resembled the ideas in my head.
...i just rephrased what i'd already said.
i do that.
check the teleport:

AWWWWWWWWW, s'kyooooot.
i know i've been really pandering to the autumnal leafy hottness
of the woodsly goodness,
but to waste it would be total bullsh!t, y'know?
you do.
what's the secret to these incredibly smoooooooth delights?
well, i think puff pastry cups are the key here.
you make 'em like this:
1 stick of butts + 1 T exxxtra
1/2 tub of vegan creamchee'
1 cup of flour + 1 T
a splash of vanilla
a T of sugar
pulsed in a food processor until pasty, and chilled for at least an hour.
longer is better.
plan your work, duders, and work your plan.
that's solid.
mini-miffn tinned and pressed, baked at 420F and cooled,
while i mixed up that mess in the middle.
i know there are flax seeds, and cornstarch, AND tapioca in there,
plus the half cup of caramelized sugar, diluted with a quarter cup of coconut creamer,
and a half a tub of vegan creamchee'.
and a third of a can of pureed pure pumpkin.
yea. a can.
i'm doing the best i can, kids, out here amongst the falafels.
relax for a minute.
i also added plenty of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice,
and a little mace, too, because that's cool.
i know there's other stuff, but i don't know what it was.
i was distracted by all the chick peas attempting a prison break from my body.
the middle is all cooked
i made creamchee' frosting too, by eye.
roughly two cups of powdered sugar, 4 T +/- of vegan butts,
a splash of vanilla,
a big ol' blop, maybe 3T? of creamchee',
and a tiny splish of soymilk,
whipped up and swirled on top.
well, yeah, i OBVIOUSLY keep it expert....
those are seasonally site-specific autumn foliage-colored sugary sprankles too.
too much is the right amount, every time.
i've got bread proofing,
piecrusts relaxing in the fridge,
graham crax crumbling,
and plans for lunch that include getting frisky with a butternut squash.
i don't like to waste time, friends,
and i don't like to take it easy.
i'm taking toady by storm,
and i'm taking myself to tahini-town tonight, too.
it's ALL really happening,
and all of it is unfolding along the lines and creases of a well-worn repetitive path
folded into the origami polyhedrons of a crumpled up secret universal blueprint.
i'm glad for the time i've been given.
i'm gladder still for the use i'm making of it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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