Saturday, October 22

perfect pizza, forever.

you'd better be gettin' ready for the truth, neighbors-
because i'm coming correct with a pizza situation that's gonna upgrade your whole
outlook on overdoing it, 
to eleven,
in as many different ways ,
in as many different days,
with as many different toppings,
as time and money will allow for.
oh, you're reppin' that small frozen cheese jaun?
because that's what poor people do.
i'm living in the lap of elite luxurious lusciousness,
and i'm indulging in the uplifting tang of a sourdough thin crust explosion.
on the ones,
i've got a plan, and i'm working it,
and it's working like a g-dang charm.
don't think that's real?
get ready to recognize, son-
and check the split-screen-type teleport:
kaBOOOOOOMFfuego, bro-bro.
the sourdough scene is so dope, tho.
i mean,
the crispy crackling crust has got it going on....
and there's a bit of butter spread out under the pan it gets baked on,
for a golden-eyed underside,
looking all sorts of sexy with that glistening sheen.
and then,
it really gets activated with all the toppings.
check it:
i'm just sayin',
the subtle seared poblano strips on the underside, just above the underchee'?
and the parboiled bitter-bested broccoli rabe?
also expert.
so, by the time the homemade vegan sausage,
and the grape tomatoes,
and the diced red onion sprankles got tossed on there, too-p
it was already the supergood extra-hot loveliness,
in echoing excellence along the round rim of that heroic circle.
word up.
but that's just one of the twins.
the other sister is pretty in her own way, friends:
red lentil seitan cutlets, cut up and spread out,
with a whole lot of doubly-smoky tempeh bacon,
and shredded daiya provolone,
alongside a heavy layer of caramelized sweet onion,
and a whole mess of arugula...
real talk-
these pizzas are heavenly.
with underchee', and crushed tomatoes,
and the obligatory fried garlic sprankles,
all the elements were aligned in order,
and the primary directive was to be super flippin' dope.
mission. mutha. effing. accomplished.
damn it feels good to eat pizza.
it feels pretty damned good to be home,
after a whirlwind roundtrip to connecticut.
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is warm,
the weather outside is pure sh!t,
and that's exactly the way it's supposed to be.
it's all really happening,
and that's teh whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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