Sunday, October 9


flaky pastry is the sexxxiness.
that's the real-real,
even when using really vegan ingredients.
2 cups of flour.
1 stick plus 3 T of butts.
4T of vegan creamchee'.
a heavy pinch of sugar.
a splash of vanilla.
and just enough very cold soymilk to barely hold it together.
chilled overnight, to relax the gluten and the butts,
so when it's rolled, it's really ready to rock.
i made tarts.
and these ones were especially delicioso, however,
because there was a whole helluva lot of chocolate...
check the galette-to-the-top-type teleport:

a shmear of creamchee',
a heap of dark chocolate high-cacao chunks,
a mountain of sliced almonds, candied in buttery brown sugar,
with vanilla and almond extracts,
a couple more choco-chunks,
and a leaf/flower pastry accent combo.
folded, blasted with demerara sprankles,
and frozen for five minutes or so,
before getting baked the eff up at 410F,
for twenty-two minutes flat,
and then dusted with kapowdered sugar, and drizzled with ganache stripes.
it's a juxtaposition of ease and complication,
and the puffed-up layers of pastry fuego
turned morning into majesty from the very first bite.
i love it when sh!t like that happens....
straightforward full-steam bakey-makey business is good for you.
and i had the chance to share it, fresh and hot,
with my peoples.
that's expert.
good food tastes better when you share the experience.
that's a thing;
never quiet, never soft.....

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