Monday, October 31


my dudes,
i've been so busy trying not to die that i'm way behind in my writing about real life.
that's real.
i mean,
hell night came and went,
hallowe'en is over and out,
and i'm still justover here trying to tell you about saturday's pizza party.
awwwww, man!
i hate falling behind.
i've got at least a couple treats i haven't shown you yet,
and a costume that took FORever to fit into my days and nights.
there was a triumphant post-accident pizza party on saturday,
and that's the logical place to begin.
of curse, when i say pizza party, what i mean is-
i had pizza while i sat by myself,
and it sort of tasted a little saltier than normal-
in fact,
everything i've eaten lately has tasted just a little tiny bit like blood....
mostly because of the holes where there aren't supposed to be any.
and the indelicate devouring determination i have to rend and tear,
as i'm rent and torn.
lucky for me the pies were pure fire for my face.
check the teleport:

undechee', crushed tomatoes,
shredded spinach, chedg=dar and mozzarella daiya melties,
crisp angle-cut celery semicircles,
raw red onion, and that especially wet and wild buffed up buffz jaun.
vegan butter, tejas-style ho' sauce, srircaha, smoked paprika,
GPOP, black pepper, a little nootch, and vegenaise.
a scoople of everything and some cauliflower florets,
and suddenly,
the whole night seems brighter.
it didn't end with all that goodness, guys.
there's fresh cilantro sprankles,
and cashew cream drizzled on top, too.
i needed that.
no doubt about it-
a burly spicy flame-igniting face-melter is the cure for a stitched-together saturday night.
word up.
there was MORE than that.
rules is rules.
when there's no time to activate anything,
the only choice is to pile more burden on your own back.
why would anyone do that?
because too much is the right amount.
that's why i also tuned up a white pie, with autumnal awesome sauce all over the place.
check it:

butternut squash, roasted up in cubes,
with underchee' and daiya mozzarella both droppin' it heavy on that circle.
there're caramelized onions,
seared asparagus,
grilled leeks,
quartered miniature roma tomatoes,
tempeh bacon bits,
and fried garlic sprankles.
on the real-
my whole head hurt so bad i almost used a knife and fork!
to make the bites more manageable and less destructive to my destroyed skull....,
until i remembered that i'm a warriorn poet, and a wrench-choosing sunovab!tch,
and not some disreputable disrespectful doodiehole.
i ate it all like i was s'posed to,
and i'm a better man for my trouble.
october is finished,
and it ended with a bang, a crash, and a few all-nighters,
what's next is some other other sh!t,
and honestly,
the last broken mirror of my past will lose it's lease tomorrow.
until then,
it's crabtree and me,
fighting the good fight in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
until we collapse where we stand;
never quiet, never soft.....

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