Monday, October 17


i LOVE pizza.
i mean,
i love it the most.
and while i change it up,
and run a stronghand mack-game on the toppings and crusts,
it's all still pizza,
and that's what's so F*ing cool about it.
they all mean something, and they've all got their strengths.
last night?
last night i went nana-pan on the pie scene, kids.
if your grandmother was italian, and she was cooking you a pizza,
then you probably already know about it-
the sicilian square is a homestyle classic,
and i repped it with pride,
letting that long-seasoned crust pop and sizzle in an olive oily pan,
so that the greeeeeeasy-bottomed goodness really crisped-up and glistened in the light.
word up.
check the mama-mia-type teleport:

that is what was needed after another 'nother waterlogged day,
wet-blanketing on the sinking ship of tattoo studio histrionics.
...for real;
the scenery is sufficiently chewed-through, and spit out,
by the emoting meteoric mass-extinction of our dwindling client base.
that's real.
the bottommost-barrel-dwellers have crawled up through the bilge,
and dammit,
they're causing us to list and founder even faster than ever before.
awwwwwwwwwwwww, man.
that's a hard style,
but it's an understatement, as well.
don't get it twisted-
i'm still busy.
the anchor will drop when the rigging can no longer support it,,
and the shop will drift off into the rocks.....
but enough of the naysayin' gloomy doombringin', bro.
there's pizza to discuss!!!
for serious,
i crafted a quick triple-team threeway explosion of hottness,
and i let the deep-d dough do it's best to accommodate
the get-wrecked rectangle of supreme spring and overt ovenly openness-
i did,
and it did,
and that was good news.
buttery-bottomed and olive oiled,
with GPOP and MORE olive oil on top,
and all of that, before the toppings get plopped up on it.
that's when i got down to business-
phase one?
cheddar daiya and mozzarella daiya, mixed up, and lid on thick,
without red sauce.
because potatoes and broccoli don't need that sh!t, son.
oven roasty crisp 'tato jauns,
and soft, bright green, broxxx.
grilled leeks,
for added charred hottness in every flippin' bite.
crushed tomatoes, daiya mozzarella,
soy-sauced-simmered smoky seitan,
with caramelized onions,
and sweet rainbow pepper rings,
sliced grape tomatoes,
topped with fresh basil leaves,
for that zesty magic zip and zing.
heck yes, brother.
crushed tomatoes, with caramelized onions,
and shredded baby kale,
with tempeh bacon,
and a whole bunch of fried garlic sprankles,
just to take it to eleven.
pizza is my saving grace.
without it, i think i'd be in a way worse place, categorically,
across the board,
as the brightest, tastiest and most successful spot in my life
is clearly and without question the oven here in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
i can't eff with that.
it's pizza for me.
always, all the time, every day, forever.
sorry about repeating myself, ad infinitum,
rules is rules,
and too much is the right amount.
i like what i like, and i do it to it as loud, fresh, and as hard as i can.
it's all really happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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