Saturday, October 15


i had pizza again.
......that's right.
i mean,
i'm just sayin',
pizza is pretty effing dope.
you already know my logic:
too much is the right amount.
you like that about me, i think.
and anyway, that batch of sourdough keeps getting better the longer it proofs.
that's no joke.
i also had pizza for lunch,
and i had pizza the night before, too.
in fact,
i've had 6 pizzas in 5 days,
which is great.
the only bummer?
i didn't even have any on wednesday.
i'm pretty sure tonight is another 'nother pizza night.
there's no such thing as too much pizza.
the only thing better than pizza is MORE pizza.
that's real.
last night,
in honor of eggplant friday,
i made myself a superior sourdough jaun,
and ate every last little itty-bitty bite.
check the virtuoso-vinete-type teleport:

i made myself a circle of that nicey-nice,
and guys,
it went down smoooooooooooth.
i fired up a boomfire serving of herb-crusted graffiti eggplant rounds-
with the thin skin, salted, rinsed, and dredged in a flax/soymilk mix,
then patty-caked in a big bowl of cornstarch and flour and cornmeal and nootch,
with oregano, basil, and parsley, GPOP, s & p, and love.
besides the eggplant,
i also dropped the hammer on some arugula,
over daiya mozzarella,
over crushed tomatoes.
i didn't use any cashew-garlic underchee'!!
i let the aubergines do all the squishin', and i'm glad i did,
because this big baby b!tch of a pizza was HEAVY!
oh, well, yes-
that's diced and spiced seitan on there.
GPOP, and basil, and a splash of soy, a little liquid smoke,
lots of pepper, and a dash of cider to simmer in.
that's that good-good.
and those grape tomato discs are definitely a must-have,
as they added a little soft and wet to the thick and luscious.
real talk,
the topping game is very strong around here.
i finished it with fried garlic sprankles,
because i am smart,
and not even a little bit of a diaperbaby about making the right moves on a 'za.
topped at the last with fresh basil and a 'garious garnish of more arugula?
you know what's up, man.
a steamy, dreamy, burly, crisp-crusted soft-bite slice or four is what i wanted.
i just cut it up into quarters.
i'm gonna eat it all, regardless;
so pretending i'm taking it easy
and slicing it into 6-8 wedges is just wasting time.
i know right, i'm so efficient.
pizza pizza pizza.
pee eye zee zee ayy.
i eat a lot of it,
because it's awesome.
i make a lot of it,
because i enjoy doing it.
not everything can be pizza, regrettably,
but fortunately,
pizza can be a lot of things.
dinner for one, on a friday, in october, could be a whole lot worse;
never quiet, never soft.....

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