Monday, October 24


is it pizza time?
don't be dumb.
these days, it seems like it's ALWAYS pizza time.
to that end, it's almost like i've forgotten how to make anything else.
i haven't,
i just need the comforting embrace of my favoritest, most bestest food.
when the times are tough,
and the going is slow, almost to the point of being stooped, stoopid, stale,
and stopped at a standstill,
i need some pizza power, neighbors.
it's the cure for what ails you.
it's definitely the solution to what's for supper, that's for damned sure.
now that we've cleared that up-
lemme tell you all about the new new hottness on my plate last night-
luxxxurious fanciness, superlatively sexxxy, and totally flippin' expert-
i had some inspiration flowing from my fingertips,
even as both of my lungs began to collapse under the strain of upper-respiratory ragnarok.
that's a thing.
i can't breathe, and i can't stop eating pizza......
this may very well be the way i leave this earth,
suffocating and soaked in tomato sauce.
i can live with dying like that.
before i check out of my extended stay over here,
let's bring it back to that pizza pie.....
just what is it that's so deluxe about it?
don't you worry, duders,
i'm more than happy to share the story,
just check the super-fancy-type teleport:

cashew-garlic underchee'?
you know it.
is it on a strong, firm sourdough uber-flat crust?
where else could it go, bro??
how about crushed tomatoes?
of course.
and a whole mess of daiya mozzarella?
from there, though,
i took it by the horns, and let it get devilishly dope-ified.
that began with a strong bed of baby arugula,
with it's sharp peppery bitterness,
followed by caramelized white onions, for a more pronounced oniony flavor.
over that i dropped a link or two of thinly-sliced highly-spiced homemade vegan sausage,
that's when i got really  nicey-nice with it-
i hit it with a few seckel pears,
sliced lengthwise, and fanned out across the surface.
sweet. literally. and soft, and smooth,
and pretty F*ing expert, if you ask me,
i whipped up some tapioca-laced oil-and-soymilk softened cashew garlic blops
of burrata-be-kidding-me style homeade custom cashew chee',
and dropped those on there,
followed by the obligatory fried garlic sprankles.
rules is rules,
and i've got an oil-cured cupful of those jauns resting around on the counter,
always, ready and waiting for activation,
in the kitchen laboratory at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
how could i make that even sexxxier?
that's easy.
i also dropped some crunchy effing walnut pieces on there!!!
i doo-doo that crackery late-october tastiness.
how could i not?
i want the nutrients, kids.
i need 'em;
i'm collapsing under these bone-cracking coughs,
and i've got to build up my strength for fighting off this pneumatic hammer in my chest.
that's a pretty sweet pizza;
could it be better?
is there a way that this perfect eleven
could go to omega-level-eleven?
but only if you pause,
and consider that its drizzled with a caramelized balsamic reduction, too!!!!!!!
oh. c'mon.
it's just pizza.
but it's never JUST pizza.
it's my favorite,
it's my thing.
it's all really happening,
and i'm grateful that i've got a hot oven and some cold sourdough to make it with.
anybody can eat a sh!tty pizza,
but it's the professional appreciation
and active participation of this fresh Folk Life
that make something that could've just been super-simple into something amazing.
this is What Is,
and it's good for you;
never quiet, never soft.....

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