Friday, October 14


nature wins.
....even when that doesn't make much sense,.
i'm just sayin',
the stuff that goes on in the woodsly goodness is pretty great,
and that means sometimes you've got tree frogs turning into window frogs-
the natural world is turning upside down, perhaps.
and when i'm outside on a chilly autumn night-
i'm hanging tough  with my amphibious boi...
just as he's hanging tough,
and basking in the glow of a waxing moon AND a porch light.
oh man!
dual light sources were a hallmark of my old tattoo days,
maybe i'm just being a bit nostalgic for the olden times,
way back when i had a real career.....
i don't care about that-
how could i?
it's been so long, it's a whole wide world and another lifetime ago;
whereas this little frog jaun is really happening right now.
seems like the immediacy of nature's victoriously active participation
has the upper hand in the haunted hillside i call home.
check the teleport:

staring at a dumb frog for an hour seems like a wise use of my very limited time, right?
but, for real, tho- why would this little dude wanna eff up so hard?
i mean, c'mon!
it's cold, it's wet,
and that surface he's adhered to is 0% a tree.
seems like a weird choice to me,
but i appreciate choosing the harder way, anyway, every day.
he hung out there for a good long while, seeing the sights,
and trying to blend in with the clear glass of my mudroomy entranceway.
nature wins, man.
that's a thing.
i'm just glad i get to catch these little glimpses of the parts in-between victory laps.
tree frogs and foliage and the smell of wet trees and crisp night air.
that's the stuff that can change your mood in a deep breath.
i'm grateful for the time i have been given;
never quiet, never soft.....

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