Thursday, October 6


i've become a parody of myself.
you spend a quick little decade dominating every last day of the fair,
eating treats and talkin' sh!t,
and suddenly, out of the blue,
now i'm the 'eats-all-the-falafels-guy'.
which is true,
but, i mean, c'mon, man.
that's not cool.
...i'm a complex and multifaceted person.
i'm a total one-dimensional chick-pea poppin' sh!t-hot mess of a man,
i'm also no longer rollin' solo.
oh. stop it.
you should know by now that i'm always talking about my ace numero uno homeboy,
my ride-or-die duderoni pony,
my hetero lifemate and existential other half-
the cucch is here.
for real.
right now, he's soundly asleep in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and you wanna know what's even better?
he will be here in the peak foliage freshness of the woodsly goodness
for a whole mutha-flippin' strong-A* week.
what did we do to celebrate his arrival in town?
man, are you some kind of an A*-hole?
OBviously, we went to the fair,
and we each took down a heroic batch of bean-bursting bombastic bomb blasts.
word up, neighbors.
check the teleport:

a quick deuce apiece to whet the appetite.
and then,
because he's a heckin' MAN,
and i'm one heck of a heckin' MAN,
we each battle-beasted our way through a second set.
check it:

what is there to say, other than: welcome back, mr. cucchiarelli.
now my bestest broski is here,
and we get to span time together.
that's just about the most fantastic news i've had in a dog's age.
the dog is excited too.
crabtree loves company,
much in the same way misery does.
there's nuisance animal berserking,
and nuanced vocabulary wordworking,
and a whole lot of shark-gluttony
all really happening exxxtra-hard right now,
and it hasn't even been a whole day of us dudes hangin' tough.
we all rep a hard style,
and the whole house feels more alive than it did two days ago.
i'm very grateful for these happy instances of good fortune and family togetherness.
i needed it, and i got it, and i get it-
there's light out there.
not in the sky, not today,
when it's still blacker than black outside,
but here, between me and mine,
there's energy, converted in form, and never destroyed,
just transformed into brighter beams,
illuminating bigger pictures and better days;
never quiet, never soft.....

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